“Take all the time you need”: Fans shower Shawn Mendes with support as singer cancels ‘Wonder’ world tour to focus on mental health

After delaying his Wonder world tour for three weeks on July 8, Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes has canceled the rest of the tour to focus on his mental wellbeing. The cancelation announcement came via Mendes’ social media channels on Wednesday, July 27.

Mendes had planned the world tour to support his most recent album, Wonder, which was released near the end of 2020. The 23-year-old had to postpone his tour amid the ongoing pandemic at the time. In 2022, Mendes was supposed to kick off the tour on July 9 at Saint Paul, Minnesota, which would have then continued till August next year, but the plans were canceled.

and if i have to, i’ll wait forever @ShawnMendes <3take all the time you need to heal, we’re gonna be with you when you’re ready. your health matters the most, always! we love you so much shawn.

Following Mendes’ brief explanation as to why he had to cancel the tour entirely, numerous fans expressed their support for his decision. Several fans sided with him for the cancelation and urged him to “take all the time” he needed to heal. However, a few domestic (US-natives) and international fans were upset over losses in hotel bookings, transport fares, and more.

What did Shawn Mendes say about the cancelation of the Wonder world tour?

In his recent social media post, Shawn Mendes expressed that he was not prepared to tackle the toll of being back on tour. He said:

“I started this tour excited to finally get back to playing live after a long break due to the pandemic, but the reality is I was not at all ready for how difficult touring would be after this time away. After speaking more with my team and working with an incredible group of health professionals, it has become more clear that I need to take the time I’ve never taken personally, to ground myself and come back stronger.”

In addition, Shawn Mendes clarified that he hoped to “pick up with the rest of the dates after some much needed time off.” However, as of now, Mendes’ official website showcases all tour dates till August 1, 2023, to be canceled. Furthermore, it is unknown whether Mendes will proceed with the Wonder tour next year or even later.


In his statement to his fans, Shawn Mendes further clarified that he would continue making music during his tour hiatus. This leaves the possibility open that the Wonder tour may never happen as Mendes may move on with a replacement world tour that will cater to his next album. While the idea is plausible, considering that Wonder would be over two years old if the singer waited beyond 2023 to announce new tour dates, it is still entirely speculative and should be taken as such.


Shawn Mendes stated:

“…at this time, I have to put my health as my first priority. This doesn’t mean I won’t be making new music, and I can’t wait to see you on tour in the future. I know you all have been waiting so long to see these shows, and it breaks my heart to tell you this, but I promise I will be back as soon as I’ve taken the right time to heal. I love you all, and thank you all so much for supporting me and sticking by me on this journey.”

Fans support Shawn Mendes for canceling tour dates over mental health

As mentioned before, a legion of Mendes’ admirers expressed their love and support for him on all social media platforms where the singer posted the statement. Most comments showcased that fans care more about his well-being than their satisfaction.

@ShawnMendes It’s actually so great seeing someone take their mental health seriously and making it just as much of a priority as physical health. I think it really sets a great example and teaches others that it’s ok to put yourself and your needs first. Take all the time you need

They assured him that it was completely acceptable for him to make his mental health a priority.

@ShawnMendes Putting your health as a priority (even when it’s hard) gives others the ability to put their health first with less stigma. That is a good thing.

@ShawnMendes mental health comes first always. I know this wasn’t an easy decision but it’s an important one. all of us will be right here waiting for you when you are ready. love you for a lifetime 💕

@ShawnMendes Take as long as you need to feel better. We love you so much and we will always be by your side through anything. We are here when you get back as stronger than ever. and take care of yourself always. ❤️❤️

@ShawnMendes Feel better friend ❤️❤️take all the time you need

@ShawnMendes Thinking of you & thank you so much for setting an example/normalizing the conversations surrounding mental health. Wishing you peace and healing. xxx

We wanted to send big, big love to Shawn Mendes today. We hope he gets better soon. Takes some bravery to go ahead and speak up about mental health as an artist, sometimes.Come back stronger @ShawnMendes.❤️

@PhillyD The problem isn’t them doing it, it’s that a normal person CAN’T. Everyone deserves to be cared for.

@PhillyD I was mad at first, but then I remembered @ChesterBe and I understood instantly why we need to be more understanding towards musicians’/artists’ mental health. We don’t know what they’re going through <3

While most supported Shawn Mendes’ decision, some questioned him about refunding the money for the tickets. Many fans who were flying in for his performances will possibly not receive fair compensation for their hotel bookings and airfares.

@ShawnMendes People spend their entire savings on tickets, go through the rat race of finding tickets, make travel plans, they don’t get refunds in a timely manner, etc. When are the FANS going to be made a priority to artists?

As of now, Mendes’ official website under his record label Island Records has not put up any information in regard to the refund of the tickets. It remains to be seen how the singer will handle this situation.

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