Tales of The Walking Dead to feature stars from X-Men: Apocalypse and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A press release from AMC has announced that Tales of the Walking Dead, a new anthology-based series, is coming to AMC and AMC+.

Fans can catch the very first episode on AMC and AMC+ on Sunday, August 14th, at 9 PM EST/8c. The first two episodes will stream on AMC+, the network’s special streaming platform, the very same night. And from Sunday, August 21, every successive episode will stream a week early in trademark The Walking Dead fashion.

The cast is absolutely stacked and consists of notable names such as Olivia Munn from X Men: Apocalypse and Terry Crews from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other big names include Parker Posey, Anthony Edwards, Poppy Liu, and Samantha Morton, among several others.

What makes the new series unique is that every episode will be a standalone story. Thus far, be it The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead or even The Walking Dead:World Beyond, every show has told the tale (no pun intended) over a span of several episodes.

Tales of the Walking Dead breaks away from the formula while not straying from the series’ essential component – high-stakes choices and situations in a zombie-ridden landscape.

Channing Powell, who was a writer on both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, will act as the showrunner for the series. Each episode will be an hour long and will shed light on a brand new aspect of the Walking Dead universe.



It is interesting to note that Samantha Morton, who played Alpha in The Walking Dead will reprise her role in the series, in what looks to be her origin story.

With the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 having aired this past Sunday, it does seem like fans will have to wait for two months to satiate their zombie gore cravings.

Catch the Tales of the Walking Dead trailer below




An initial glimpse of the Tales of the Walking Dead trailer indicates that at least one episode may head in a more comedic direction. One has to wonder whether each of the episodes will touch on a different genre.

Another question is if this is the reset that the series needs in light of criticism from fans, especially for the many spinoffs of the parent show.

Stay tuned to SK Pop for a weekly review and analysis immediately after each episode airs.

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