Target 4th of July hours: Is Target open? [Updated July 2022]

What are Target’s hours today? Is Target open on the Fourth of July this year?

The Fourth of July – the most American of holidays where the country collectively comes to get to make things explode. A completely sane and reasonable form of celebration.

As with any holiday, there are bound to be needs and wants that come up last minute. Your little cousin who definitely has pyromaniacal tendencies came over last minute? You may need to run and grab some burn cream. Your dad just grilled up 100 franks and forgot hot dog buns? Grab the keys, you gotta make a run to the grocery store.

However, where do you go when you need to make a run for buns and cream? Who is open and what exactly are their hours?

Target hours: Is Target open or closed on Fourth of July 2022?

Thankfully for you, Target is not only open on the Fourth, but they are maintaining their usual store hours. Hours vary by location, but the typical 9 AM open and 10 PM closing times are expected to be maintained at Target locations across the country.

This means that Target will be available to meet the needs of all last-minute shoppers and emergency shoppers alike on the Fourth of July.

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