Ten players that teams in the ‘Lose-O-Rama for Wembanyama’ should ship

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Man, time flies when you’re in the trenches of the NBA. Gordon is the last holdover from the Harden-era Rockets, and a few years removed from being one of the most feared guards off the bench. Yet, Gordon has been the consummate professional, never bitching about his role or the rebuilding direction of the team, and doing everything he can to help the Rockets’ new core develop. At 6-foot-3, Gordon has always been a little undersized, but made up for it with his high IQ on defense, playing his role in team schematics, and was reliable in crunch time for timely baskets coming off screens. He would be a fantastic fifth-or-sixth option for teams with their first and second stars locked down, but they are looking for bench scoring to balance younger rotations.

Best Contender Fits: Grizzlies, 76ers, Timberwolves

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