“That was real sh*t” – WWE legend says John Cena genuinely cried in the ring during iconic segment

John Cena crying in the ring during Mark Henry’s iconic retirement speech in June 2013 was unscripted. The former WWE Champion was genuinely brought to tears, as per the 50-year-old.

In 2013, Henry teased ending his WWE career when he made an impassioned speech when Cena was in the ring. The World’s Strongest Man did not retire as he attacked the West Newbury native to set-up a feud between the two.

While speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Henry revealed interesting details about the segment and how it took more than nine months to prepare the speech:

“That retirement speech, it was over nine months of thought. Nine months of thought is why I came across so clear and so, ‘Wow, that was a thrill.'” [From 13:56 to 14:18]

The Hall of Famer said that John Cena didn’t know a lot of what was going to be said and that there were some real, unscripted moments during the speech:

“John didn’t know nothing. The only thing that John knew was that at some point I was going to pull him in, that’s all he knew. When John was on the apron crying, that was real. When John came in feeling sorry for me, that I had never held the WWE title, and he tried to give it to me and I said ‘no’. ‘You take that, you earned that.’ That was the unscripted, there was no rehearsal. That was real sh*t. He was crying because he hated to see me go.” [From 14:25 to 15:24]

Mark Henry’s Retirement speech is the best swerve in the history of Wrestling.He had us all fooled 😭😂

Mark Henry said that he was allowed to be himself, which is why the segment became iconic and feels that the company has to do the same with Ronda Rousey.

Mark Henry missed out on winning the WWE Championship

Mark Henry almost wins the WWE Championship. (Money In The Bank 2013)

Henry referenced the one title he didn’t win during his iconic “retirement” speech, which was the WWE Championship.

He got a shot at winning the title from Cena at the Money in the Bank show in 2013, but lost after the 16-time world champion put him in the STF.

His last match in the company came at the Greatest Royal Rumble show, when he was one of the 50 men in the Royal Rumble match.

What were your favorite Mark Henry moments in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

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