“That’s terrorizing stuff” – Brian Windhorst believes Ben Simmons playing center surrounded by shooters would be one of the most potent lineups ever seen

Ben Simmons has not played for the Brooklyn Nets since being acquired at the Feb. 10 trade deadline. However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst believes they could have one of the most potent lineups ever if Simmons is used as the center.

Not much good news has come out of Brooklyn this summer. The organization has been saddled with finding new homes for its two best players.

Kevin Durant has requested a trade, but no team’s offer has been appealing to the Nets. The same goes for Kyrie Irving, who has been linked to the LA Lakers for the bulk of the offseason.

With all the commotion happening within the organization, fans’ attention has been drawn away from how good the team can be. On “The Hoop Collective,” Windhorst pointed out that Brooklyn could have one of the most potent shooting lineups ever:

“There’s been some concept that Ben Simmons could play center for this team this year. And when you think about those lineups, we’d have Simmons at center, and he could be protected by Durant and Kyrie and Seth Curry and Joe Harris. That would be one of the most potent shooting lineups that you could ever see.

“And you could have Simmons defend (the) center position and then potentially be the creator or work in pick and roll with any of those guys, spreading the floor. I mean, that’s terrorizing stuff.”


Can Ben Simmons help the Brooklyn Nets win a championship?

Patty Mills, left, and Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets
Patty Mills, left, and Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets

Not many will forget Simmons’ horrid display during the 2021 Eastern Conference semifinals. The Philadelphia 76ers fans blame their former guard for losing the series to the Atlanta Hawks.

Simmons was the center of ridicule throughout the 2021 offseason, which fueled his decision not to play for the Sixers the following season. He sat out until he was traded for James Harden on deadline day.

A back injury prevented Simmons from playing for the Nets, even when they desperately needed a spark during their mauling in the playoffs. However, the organization is excited over what could be as the All-Star guard prepares to return to the court.

Simmons’ presence will undoubtedly be a big boost, especially on defense. The former Defensive Player of the Year runner-up can guard multiple positions, all at an elite level.

While he is a defensive maestro, he also has a lot to offer offensively. Although his shooting is nonexistent, he has impressive court vision and will improve their transition offense.

Ben Simmons open-court defense on Luka Doncic.

Whether all that translates to a championship depends on how the team gels on the hardwood. However, it is worth noting that their chances of winning will significantly drop if either, or both, KD and Irving depart.

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