The Dolphins removed ping pong privileges after consecutive losses

The football locker room can be a strange and wonderful place. The dynamics that make up a locker room can change over time, with teams doing multiple odd things in efforts to regain the mojo.

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of a two game losing streak, and with the Vikings coming to town on Sunday, they need to get serious and focus.

Which means the removal of distractions, such as … a ping pong table?

Look, I’m not sure what’s happening in that locker room but what did ping pong do to anyone? Ping pong is a wholesome game that requires focus and coordination! What has happened in the Dolphins locker room that means ping pong has to be removed? WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN???

Imagine trying to decompress after a stressful day of practice and the sacred ping pong table has been removed. Nothing is sacred anymore.

This isn’t the first time weird locker room things have come to light based on their removal. Ron Rivera did it on his first day on the job, which really signals a lot about how far the Commanders have fallen into a hole. The Jaguars removed the ping pong table in 2017, when Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone came into town. Sean McDermott decided to keep the ping pong table, and gave the most football guy answer for why: “ball skills”. That’s a ball coach right there.

The Washington Post did a story on the ping pong table, and teams removing it in 2018, and the main thing I took from the story was that team bonding happens over the quiet popping of the ball back and forth over a small table with a net. Think of communion, but with two miniature rackets and a ping pong ball instead of unleavened bread and grape juice. The Dolphins are overcorrecting here.


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