“The guy hasn’t played football at any level in six years, how is anyone surprised by this?” – NFL fans react to news of Colin Kaepernick tanking at Raiders workout

A couple of weeks ago, Colin Kaepernick finally got what he was after – a workout with an NFL team. After not having any contract with teams for the best part of five years, the 34-year-old was handed an opportunity to workout with the Las Vegas Raiders.

While it was not a sign that he would make the roster, at least, it was a chance that he had been craving. He could show an NFL team exactly what he looks like under professional settings. From all accounts, the workout went really well. Or so we were told.

Now, however, new reports have come to light over the 34-year-old’s workout. NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp spoke on VLADTV and stated that he was told that Colin Kaepernick’s workout was a “disaster” and one of the worst ever.

Watch his interview below:

Colin Kapernick’s workout with the #Raiders “one of the worst workouts ever.” according to former NFL Network analyst and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.”Disaster”

As expected, once this hit the internet, fans came out from all corners with their thoughts on it.

One fan commented in reply and said that the quarterback has been out of the league for six years, how is anyone surprised by it.

“The guy hasn’t played football at any level in 6 years how is anyone surprised by this?”

@NFL_DovKleiman The guy hasn’t played football at any level in 6 years how is anyone surprised by this?

One user posted that if the quarterback’s workout was good, there would have been clips of it on social media.

@NFL_DovKleiman If it was a good workout there would have been clips posted like his other “commercials”, IMO. I don’t know though, I wasn’t there.

A fan named Vinny commented and wrote that he is not surprised as Kaepernick was not good when he was an active player.

A user named Kristian replied that it was Ian Rapoport who reported that the workout went well.

@NFL_DovKleiman Wasn’t it reported by Rap Sheet that he actually impressed the Raiders

Another fan commented that clearly the workout was not that great otherwise Kaepernick would have been signed by the Raiders.

@NFL_DovKleiman And obviously Kapernick work out wasn’t incredible or they would’ve signed him🤣 that’s how try outs work. Dov just knew something with Kap would get engagements.

One user said that they trust Rapoport over Sapp.

Another fan asked how much Sapp was paid to say what he said.

A user named Greg posted that even in his prime, the 34-year-old quarterback was mediocre.

@uSTADIUM @Kaepernick7 @vladtv The bottom line is anybody who can remember even in his prime was just medicore quarterback and can’t have cake and eat to

A user named Vernon wrote that he isn’t sure if the Hall of Famer Sapp is the best person to speak on this topic.

A fan named Kevin stated that Sapp’s comments are based on zero evidence.

Will Colin Kaepernick get back into the NFL?

Colin Kaepernick in action
Colin Kaepernick in action

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the league since 2016 after he protested against police brutality by taking a knee during the US national anthem. For many, they believe that if Kaepernick was going to get another shot in the NFL, he would have gotten it by now.


While the workout with the Raiders was at least a step in the right direction, it was not a guarantee that he was going to make the roster. Other teams in the Seattle Seahawks were thought to be interested in the former 49ers star, but so far, have not offered him a workout like the Raiders did.


Most believe that Kaepernick will not get another chance in the league and if by some micracle he does, it will be as a backup on a team. A player with his experience will surely help a team’s quarterback room.

Unfortunately, the 34-year-old might have got used to the idea that his NFL days are well and truly over.

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