The League of Legends Event Pass rework gets a further delay, overhaul now aimed for the 2022 Worlds Pass

Riot Games sought to introduce a Mythic Content overhaul in League of Legends Season 12 and completely rework how the premium cosmetic system works in the MOBA. While a good chunk of the feature has witnessed tweaks in the last couple of patches, the Event Pass (which is also the last phase of the overhaul) is yet to see any significant amount of updates hit the client.

Unfortunately, Riot Games have confirmed that the Event Pass rework will be delayed and can be expected to make a debut with the 2022 Worlds event.

KenAdamsNSA notes they’re aiming the Event Pass Overhaul for the Worlds pass this year

Earlier in the season, the developers had announced that the Mythic Content overhaul would be implemented in three separate phases. The first phase added a Rotating Mythic Shop and new themed Mythic skins. Phase two brought Showcase as well as Masterwork Milestones. The final phase (which is expected to bring the Event Pass overhaul) will be delayed, and Riot is looking to debut it with Worlds later this season.

The League of Legends Event Pass overhaul to debut with Worlds 2022


With the upcoming Event Pass rework, the League of Legends developers will look to make it more recognizable to players who have invested a great deal of time completing the Battle Pass in phase three of the season.

With the Mythic Content overhaul, Riot will redesign the pass to closely resemble the regular battle pass progression and provide players with a reward tracking system that will help them keep an eye on the XP gained as they play games and advance through the tiers.


This will incentivize summoners to play more games as they look to get their hands on some of the more premium rewards that the system has on offer. This will include Mastery chests, keys, as well as Prestige edition skins, which the League of Legends developers are already deploying after every few patches.

Previously, it was expected that the Event Pass rework would make its way to the live servers through the Star Guardian event, which is scheduled to drop in a couple of patches. However, the developers did confirm that the pass rework would be making its way during the final few months of the season when the 2022 Worlds tournament officially kicks off.

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