The Miz plans to wire Bad Bunny’s mouth shut at Wrestlemania 37

The Miz is getting ready to destroy Bad Bunny at Wrestlemania 37 after already painting on his 3.6 million dollar Bugatti.

Wrestlemania 37 cannot get here soon enough for The Miz.

“Ready is an understatement,” The Miz told FanSided. “Wrestlemania is what we prepare for, is what we live for. I’ve been training since January. I feel like my body is in prime position to succeed this weekend.”

The Miz and his partner John Morrison are set to take on Bad Bunny and Damien Priest Saturday night. The Miz has respect for Bad Bunny as a singer, rapper, songwriter, but not as a wrestler.

“Bad Bunny has done amazing things,” The Miz said. “He’s one the of the biggest recording artists out there. He has an immense amount of fans and I just feel sorry for his fans because they are not going to be able to hear him sing for about a year after I’m done punching his face and wiring his jaw shut.”

No love lost there. The Miz should have some respect for an entertainer trying to make his way in the WWE considering he started his rise to fame as a reality TV star. The difference is the Miz dream at the time was to join WWE, while Bad Bunny might just be making a cameo.

The Miz does appreciate Bunny’s effort, sort of.

“I’m curious to see what Bad Bunny’s got cause word on the street is he’s been training. It’s cute that he’s been training for three months,” The Miz said.

It has been an 18-year career plus for The Miz who started back in 2003 at professional wrestling school, Ultimate Pro Wrestling. The school was attached to the WWE so The Miz was able to make connections. He was following through on his dream when there was not much support.

“I was sitting on my bed deciding what do I want to do,” The Miz recalled. “Do I want to go back to college or do I want to pursue a dream? I looked on my shelf and I saw an action figure of The Rock that my classmates gave me and I said ‘I want to be a WWE superstar’, I’m going to do it. Everybody laughed at me.”

Bad Bunny will not be laughing Saturday night if The Miz makes good on his word.

The Miz is working with SNICKERS who will serve as the exclusive presenting sponsor of WWE’s WrestleMania.

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