The MLB playoff hype videos are here and they are fantastic

The MLB playoffs get underway today, with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Guardians kicking things off shortly after noontime on the East Coast. This season, 12 teams have qualified for the postseason, as MLB tweaked their playoff format prior to the start of the year.

In the social media age, that means hype videos. Social media departments do incredible work year-round — with the NFL schedule release videos perhaps atop the list — but team hype videos could be a close second. After all, one of the more enjoyable parts of LSU’s run to a national championship during the 2019 season, beyond the play from Joe Burrow, was the run Will Stout had producing their weekly hype videos.

After all, who can forget this video before the title game:

With baseball about to kick off their postseason, many of teams have dropped their own hype videos. And they are fantastic.

A good start, but the Rays might be the clubhouse leader thanks to the “Stranger Things — Separate Ways (Remix)” inclusion:

The Seattle Mariners paid tribute to their loyal fans, and how the team ended their playoff drought:

The Toronto Blue Jays talked about the “rarified air” of postseason baseball:

The Philadelphia Phillies welcomed their fans to “Red October” while leaning into all the reasons they were counted out over the regular season:

Wake up Cardinals fans!

The San Diego Padres released a workout video from Thursday, and we’ll update this with their submission once it drops:

The New York Mets leaned into the idea that this team is different than those of the past:

Of course, MLB dropped their own hype video as the playoffs beckoned:

The teams with a bye in the Wild-Card round — the New York Yankees, the Houston Astros, the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers — are likely waiting to drop theirs. But as you can see, they have some catching up to do.

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