The NBA’s best and worst schedule release videos for 2022-2023 season

The 2022-2023 NBA schedule is finally out, and you can find every game at the league’s official website. This just in: your favorite team is playing 82 games this year! Four of those games will be against divisional opponents, while two of those games will come against teams in the opposite conference. Okay, so that’s the case every year, but schedule day is still something to celebrate for NBA fans starved for content in the dog days of August (might I suggest watching the WNBA Playoffs instead).

The other benefit of schedule day is how it tests the creativity of the social media teams around the league. Every year, team accounts release videos to announce the new schedules, and there seems to be an unspoken competition between them to make the most engaging one. This year didn’t let us down: these are some of the best social media release videos yet.

Here are our favorite and least favorite videos announcing team schedules for the 2022-2023 season.

Memphis Grizzlies

I’ll admit I didn’t know what Memphis pool slicing was before I saw this video. Urban Dictionary defines it as “jumping into a pool in an intense and exaggerated manner.” I recommend falling down a YouTube rabbit hole here. This is creative, and has a great local touch. Well done, Memphis.

New Orleans Pelicans

As rumors circulated that Zion Williamson wasn’t happy in New Orleans around this time last year, there was a report that Pelicans president David Griffin played piano for Williamson in his hotel room. Williamson of course shot that down, but the Pelicans hilariously decided to lean into it for their schedule release video. Griffin appears to be playing “Getcha Sum” by New Orleans artist HaSizzle. I can’t believe they actually thought this up and pulled this off. This is elite work.

Hating spam calls is one of the few things every person in America can agree on. I have to admit I was triggered at the sound of the recording asking about a car’s extended warranty.

New York Knicks

The ‘90s theme has never been hotter, and the Knicks took full advantage of it here. Unfortunately the promise of a new Knicks season still wasn’t enough to get Obi Toppin out of bed. Maybe that will happen if he’s traded for Donovan Mitchell.

Atlanta Hawks

People on social media really didn’t like this one judging by the quote-tweets. To each their own.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls published this five minutes before the schedule was actually released. Honestly: great gag. Unfortunately, the schedule itself wasn’t so kind for Chicago.

Portland Trail Blazers

Attention young people: this is what computers used to look like. You had to get a second phone line just to use the internet!

Washington Wizards

The commenters were rough on this one, too. I think I’m too old to understand whatever is going on here.

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