The Wrestling world shares amusing reactions to Ric Flair’s last match 

Hall of Famer Ric Flair is set to have his last match at the age of 73 on July 31st in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Nature Boy last competed in the ring at IMPACT Wrestling against his former nemesis and wrestling legend Sting nearly a decade ago. The 16 time world champion has been training with Jay Lethal and sharing updates on his social media. It was recently announced that referee Mike Chioda will officiate the match.

The announcement of his out of retirement match shocked the wrestling fraternity, garnering mixed reactions from fans. Tickets for the Starrcast event, where his match is set to transpire, were sold out within 24 hours. Thus, leading the organizers to change the venue for the event. His opponent is yet to be confirmed.

Some fans on social media have voiced their concerns and did not hold back on the WWE veteran going into his last match given his age and health issues.

Ric Flair is 73, has a pacemaker, and nearly died in hospital last year. Despite this he’s decided to have ‘one last match’. A horrifically dangerous idea. A single promo later and here I am convinced he gets the job done.

Another fan shared a sarcastic post in response to Flair being asked about the type of opponent he would like to face:

One Twitter user stated that Ric Flair needs to be locked up for his own safety:

someone gotta lock ric flair up for his own safety.…

One fan shared a response that people would be witnessing Flair’s life come to an end due to the cost of the tickets:

If it hasn’t hit you already, there is a very real chance that Ric Flair will die live on Fite, July 31st for 34.99.…

Another user shared a short video of a man falling off a bicycle with the title, Flair in his last match:

Ric Flair stated it was not difficult to make the decision to get back into the ring one last time

In a recent press conference for his last match, Ric Flair stated how his son-in-law Conrad Thompson asked him about his interest in one last match. He added that he at once agreed to it and went ahead with training and preparation.

“We’ve been friends for, I wanna say eight years now nine years,” said Flair. “I was aware of the Starrcast opportunity that he’s done every year, which has been remarkable and been received so well. But I’ve never had a chance to be part of it and now when he called me and said ‘What do you think about wrestling one more match’, I had to think, well you know, ‘Yeah’. It took me that long to say ‘Yeah’, I didn’t have to think.”

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From The Nature Boy! WOOOOO!

Earlier, it was rumored that Ric Flair would face fellow Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, but the latter cited that he had no plans to come out of retirement. It is yet to be seen what the stipulation of the match will be.

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