Theory wins Men’s Money in the Bank match: Best tweets, memes

Hours after losing his United States Championship, Theory won the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match at the July 2 WWE premium live event.

WWE’s Money in the Bank premium live event was headlined by the men’s ladder match. Either Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Riddle, Sheamus, Omos, Sami Zayn, or Madcap Moss would earn a future Undisputed WWE Championship match by way of retrieving the briefcase hanging high above the ring at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Just before the match began, WWE official Adam Pearce announced that there would be an eight competitor added to the match, and it was none other than Theory, who lost his United States Championship to Bobby Lashley earlier in the night.

Theory managed to climb the ladder and win the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase after pushing Riddle from the top of the ladder. Now, he has future Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match any time, any place he chooses over the next year.

Twitter reacts to Theory winning Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Twitter users shared their thoughts after seeing Theory win the match, even though he was not originally scheduled to take part in it.

In every Money in the Bank ladder match, you expect there to be some brutal moves dished out. That is exactly what happened.

Moss managed to give Sami Zayn a powerbomb onto a ladder bridged across the bottom rope in the corner. Riddle climbed to the top of the ladder and hit a Floating Bro onto McIntyre, Rollins, Moss, and Sheamus in the middle of the ring.

The wild card of the match was the 7-foot-3 Omos. All of the competitors hit their finishing moves on Omos, before they all lifted him high above their shoulders and powerbombed him through the announce table.

In the closing moments, Zayn sent McIntyre and Sheamus flying into a ladder draped across the top rope in a corner. Zayn was then pushed off the top of the ladder by Moss, who was then hit with a Curb Stomp by Rollins. Then, Rollins was hit with an RKO off the top of the ladder by Riddle in an incredible moment.

Just when it looked like Riddle was about to win, Theory attacked and eventually pushed him off the ladder, allowing him to grab the briefcase.

Now, Rheory has the chance to cash-in the Money in the Bank briefcase on whoever is Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Whether he is successful in his cash-in remains to be seen.

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