“They called me a conspiracy theorist” – Aaron Rodgers blasts league for framing him over their uninformed take on COVID-19 vaccination protocols

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers drew some serious heat last year over his vaccination status. After he was questioned during camp and stated that he was ‘immunized’, the reigning MVP came down with COVID and was forced to miss 10 days.

This caught the attention of the entire world and the tirade that followed was enormous. Rodgers has now given his version of events as he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and made a startling revelation when he had his appeal going through the NFL.

Rodgers said:

“On the side, I had an appeal going with the NFL. I said look, here’s my health issues, here’s the protocol I went through, here’s the research behind it, gave them 500 pages of research from a number of people that put together case review studies from around homeopathy and immunizations and safety in them and also the efficacy of them.”

“Then I had a conversation with the league and the league said – this is when I knew that my appeal was defninitely not going to happen.”

Rodgers added:

“They (NFL) said it’s not possible for a vaccinated person to contract or transmit COVID if they have been vaccinated. And I said, you gotta be kidding me. Because I showed up and five people – non-players – five people fully vaxed, are out with COVID. So what are you talking about? And he said to me, your a conspiracy theorist.”

Rodgers took a lot of heat for his vaccination stance

The Packers player took some serious heat for his COVID stance.
The Packers player took some serious heat for his COVID stance.

The Packers quarterback was whacked from just about every angle of the globe for his stance on COVID vaccination. During his weekly spot on the Pat McAfee Show every Tuesday last year, Rodgers took the time to give his side of the story.

Watch below:


The Packers quarterback wasn’t the only NFL player not to be vaccinated. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and then-Colts quarterback Carson Wentz were both not vaccinated.

But such was the reaction from the quarterback ‘lying’ about his vaccination status, the pile-on was enormous. The reigning MVP only missed one game against Kansas City and came back better than ever.


At the time, many considered the Packers shot-caller one of the most disliked people on the planet, simply because of his vaccination status.

This revelation of a different side to the story involving the NFL certainly opens up an even bigger conversation. What you choose to believe is yours to decide regarding what the quarterback said.

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