“This has to be one of the most embarrassing performances of a baseball team of all time” “All I feel is sadness” – New York Yankees fans dejected after heartbreaking loss to Seattle Mariners in 13th inning

It may have taken 13 long innings, but the Seattle Mariners managed to defeat the New York Yankees earlier today (August 9).

The game was tied all the way up until the walk-off single scored the first run of the game.

The talent of both teams pitching rotations was on full display as the shutout dragged into the depths of the game.

Luis Torrens was the hero for the Mariners as his base hit drove in the game-winning run. This game went on until about 2:30 AM on the East Coast and naturally drew plenty of emotional reactions from the fans.

New York Yankees fans are already some of the most passionate fans in the MLB. This passion was quickly turned to heartbreak.

For a team that is supposed to be an offensive powerhouse, failing to put points on the board in 13 innings is unacceptable.

@Yankees This has to be one of the most embarrassing performances of a baseball team of all time

If you had told Yankees fans that the Mariners would only score one run, they would be confident of a victory. Naturally, the game playing out this way was wholly unexpected.

@Yankees That takes the prize as the most frustrating loss of 2022

The resounding reaction from this game is a sense of embarrassment. Many Yankees fans felt there was a lack of effort on the offensive side of the ball. Given that the team was shut out, this is pretty difficult to argue.

@Yankees that was by far the most pathetic game I have ever watched in my life. i genuinely don’t know what to say right now. dfa ikf and andujar. what a sad excuse for a baseball game.

If you are a fan of defensive baseball and the art of pitching, this game was meant for you. If you were hoping to see offensive fireworks from superstars like Aaron Judge, better luck next time.

The Seattle Mariners took the New York Yankees to the limits of their endurance, and came out ahead.

Seattle Mariners continue push for a Wildcard playoff spot with a crucial win over New York Yankees

Cal Raleigh catching a pop fly in the fifth
Cal Raleigh catching a pop fly in the fifth

A win over one of the best teams in the MLB goes a long way towards boosting a team’s confidence. The Seattle Mariners are currently slated to be in the postseason, but cannot afford to take their foot off the gas.

With the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Guardians chasing them in the standings, every win matters. As long as the Mariners keep their focus, we can finally see the end of their 21-year playoff drought.

The Seattle Mariners can build off of this win over the New York Yankees, even though it took 13 innings and was decided by only one run.

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