This poker hand is under investigation. Is it cheating or just sexism?

Debate is raging over a bold, foolish hand that occurred over at the Hustler Casino Live poker night that led to a big chip swing, a called bluff, and a player who can’t accept that they took a bad beat.

A “Super High Stakes” table on Thursday night had two players in on a hand, neither of whom really had any business playing. Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew were at $813K and $133K chips respectively, and sitting on pretty garbage hands. Garrett is sitting on 8, 7 suited, Robbi is on jack, 4 off-suit — and we’ll let the video speak for itself from here.

There is absolutely no doubt that Robbi makes a weird, unconventional play that’s frankly foolish. She’s in no position to bully, and is holding absolute trash in her hand. Calling a bluff is one thing, calling it with jack-high and putting yourself in a position where you have to go all-in to call is another.

In the end this absolutely wild play paid off. Garrett is unlucky for the entire hand and hits blank after blank, while Robbi’s stunning jack-high keeps getting better — eventually winning the hand. Normally this kind of play would be reserved for enthusiast poker compilations, and lists of the “wildest hands of 2022,” but this took a ludicrous turn.

Garrett Adelstein had a meltdown that he got outsmarted, and naturally his response (egged on by random internet dudes) was to become convinced that Robbi had cheated him. He delivered a rant on twitter trying to justify why there was no way he could have lost the hand fairly — and suggested that Robbi had a vibrating device in her pocket confirming that she was holding the best hand, prompting her to keep raising.

I’ll spare you the SIX SCREENSHOT justification he believes if the smoking gun showing Robbi cheated, but it makes very little sense and predominantly relies on the notion that “if you don’t see how she cheated you’re not smart enough,” which is a fancy ad hominem attack on anyone who failed to see the hand as “cheating.”

The issue is: The explanation for cheating really doesn’t make sense, even with the most generous reading. Let’s assume Adelstein is correct when he asserts that Robbi knew his hand, which influenced her decision making. It doesn’t change the fact they were both holding trash. Sure, Garrett’s brand of trash was a little better, but it was still garbage. Knowing the hand had no influence over the flop, or the continuing increasing risk which left Robbi still at a disadvantage all the way up to the River.

It’s far more logical that she just took a really risky play, rather than take part in a weird scheme to cheat at a time where there was little advantage to her doing so. Adelstein pitched such a fit that she offered to refund the hand, which poker dudes are taking as an admission of guilt, despite there being no evidence.

Adelstein asserts that he accepted the refund because it was offered, and normally he would have never accepted it, but in this case he did, because he was so obviously cheated. Again, no, he wasn’t obviously cheated — not even close.

Where this starts to get really gross is the reaction after the fact. Poker is a game full of stupid, illogical plays that rarely pay off, but when they do players absolutely lose it. Hell, Jon Bois at Secret Base made an ENTIRE VIDEO of illogical poker plays, bad beats, and examples of players losing it when they lost. These plays might not be respected, but they are venerated as “gutsy” and “brave” when a man does it, but when a woman does the knee jerk reaction is “she cheated.”

The discussion should have ended here, but Hustler Casino Live immediately jumped to Garrett’s side, announcing a “full investigation” into the hand using independent investigators, legal counsel, and even suggesting they might ask for the players to submit to a polygraph.

The action of launching an investigation because of one cheating allegation is not normal. They may try and normalize the action, but it’s standard procedure. The inherent nature of investigating puts the onus on Robbi to defend herself, all because a man couldn’t handle losing a hand and a bunch of sexist poker bros are playing “slander the woman” on the internet.

We know this is the case because numerous players are coming forward saying they’ve played hundreds of hands with Robbi, and she does play fast-and-loose at times, routinely taking big risks.

So now a player has to deal with stupid, trumped up claims of cheating all because one man is absolutely sure he didn’t lose and was the victim of a scheme. That’s all it takes to launch a full scale forensic investigation on the part of Hustler Casino Live. One would think they would stand with their players’ integrity, especially without a shred of evidence other than a “feeling” and a Twitter rant — but they didn’t.

This whole thing is extremely dumb, but Robbi had a proposed solution: Let this whole thing get resolved, allow her to prove her innocence, then meet in a one-on-one poker showdown so she can prove her ability as a player.

Adelstein’s response was to block her on Twitter.

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