This Russell Wilson stat should have Denver Broncos fans worried

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has been straight-up suffering in Denver, and the number of sacks on him should be a point of concern.

Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has gained attention throughout the league for all the wrong reasons as even the Carolina Panthers have begun to mock him. He’s doing much worse than anyone could’ve expected this season.

This isn’t the Wilson that Seattle Seahawks fans knew and loved, and he’s already in a much worse spot than he was last season, before this season is even over.

He’s on track to having the worst season of his career thus far. He’s never finished a season with a completion percentage below 61.3 or less than 3,113 yards and 21 touchdowns. With just six games left this season, he’s likely to finish below each this season.

Right now, he’s recorded 198 completions for a completion percentage of 58.9. He’s covered 2,369 yards and has only thrown eight touchdowns over 10 games. These numbers are certainly alarming considering it’s hands-down the worst he’s done in his 11-season career.

There’s plenty of reason to worry about him, but injury could be to blame.

Broncos QB Russell Wilson could be underperforming from injury

Wilson has faced a few injuries this season, which could be leading to his underperformance. While he is fully cleared and no longer listed as questionable, it would be the only thing that could potentially connect the dots other than the idea that he’s just having a fluke season of bad luck.

He could very well be facing bad luck, as it’s not overly unusual for an athlete to have bad seasons. There’s no evidence that he’s doing bad because of his injuries, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Whatever the reason, the harsh reality is that he’s not doing what the Broncos need him to do right now, but they’re stuck with him for several more years as he’s under a 5-year contract.

Hopefully he’ll be able to find his potential again, as he could be a major asset to Denver but just isn’t right now.

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