This stat shows Russell Wilson’s Broncos are achieving the impossibly bad

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson has yet to do what the Broncos have expected him to do this season, and it’s historically bad.

There’s no secret that Russell Wilson has been playing extremely badly for the Denver Broncos this season. Denver has struggled to lock down a reliable quarterback since Peyton Manning retired in 2016, and Wilson seemed like a pretty promising signing until he proved to be far from it.

According to Mike Sando of The Athletic, Wilson is leading the team to be historically bad.

The Broncos now sit at a 3-9 record, dead last in the AFC West standings, certainly a disappointing direction to go as the team hoped to rebuild and have a shot at success like they used to.

Wilson should bring much more potential to the team, too. It’s even more frustrating that he’s far below what he’s done in the past and is taking the entire Broncos team down with him.

This is, however, his first team switch in his career and he’s shown consistent talent in the past, so he can be given benefit of the doubt for now.

There could be hope for Broncos QB Russell Wilson in the future

While it’d be a complete stretch to say Wilson could improve this season, there’s a realistic chance that this is just a fluke season of bad luck and he could come back strong next season.

This season doesn’t nearly reflect what he’s consistently proven to be capable of with the Seattle Seahawks. Over his past four seasons, he’s had 1,264 completions for a completion percentage of 66.3, 14,833 passing yards and 131 touchdowns.

He’s also brought the Seahawks to two Super Bowls, one of which was won. They frequented the playoffs with Wilson around. His bad performance is unusual given his history, so benefit of the doubt can apply through this season. However, if he does just as bad next season, it’ll just prove that he’s not at his prime anymore.

Either way, it’s extremely unfortunate that the Broncos have to have this type of season.

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