Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 spoilers and raw scans: Taiju wants Takemichi to face Mikey

After Taiju Shiba appeared on the battlefield in the last chapter, readers eagerly waited for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 to feature more of the eldest Shiba Sibling. The raw panels leaked today suggest that not only will the upcoming chapter focus on Taiju and how he got into Toman but it will also set up the singlemost anticipated confrontation in the entire series.

Additionally, Taiju’s own match-up has been hinted at in the spoilers alongside Haruchiyo’s current status. It is unclear so far whether Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 will elaborate upon the statuses of other members of Toman or Kanto.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 spoilers hint at Taiju facing Benkei and Waka while Takemichi prepares to fight Mikey

Due to TokyoRevenji still being on hiatus in protest of malpractice by other leakers, today’s scans were haphazard and without context, with little to no narrative coherence. However, the raw panels did give the readers a fair clue about how the fights were being set up and how Taiju might have been inducted into Toman.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 spoilers

I personally think Taiju is going to fight two ppl rather than one, and my bet is on Wakasa and Benkei atm.Unless the leaker just covered it up more, it matches the most with Mitsuya/Hakkai vs the Haitani’s than Inui vs Waka’s.#tr259 #tokyorevengers259

The first part of the raw scans shows Taiju and Takemichi having a conversation at the train tracks. Sanzu is seen lying unconscious under Taiju’s motorcycle. There is a panel of Mitsuya and Taiju in what appears to be a flashback. This might be when Taiju came in to join Toman.

Another set of raw panels shows that Mikey is preparing for a fight. A shot of Hanma with his trademark sarcastic grin follows after. The panels then show Takemichi and Taiju running into battle together. Taiju takes down several Kantou members before he is faced with two figures whose faces are not disclosed.

#tr259 so it’s either: Mikey vs Take and Haruchiyo approaches them while they’re talking/fighting and the we finally get to hear his backstory. Meanwhile, the focus switch to Benwaka and Senju and then to s62 finding Kakucho’s body

The last leaked panel shows Taiju telling Takemichi that if anyone could defeat Mikey, it would be the latter. This is followed by Mikey staring blankly at something or someone in front of him.


#tr259 it makes sense that Mikey vs Takemichi is gonna happen soon sice Take is not facing anyone anymore, but i also think it’s still too soon? Idk, but I’m not ready if it really is happening

The two biggest questions that readers have regarding Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 upon seeing the leaked scans are who Taiju is fighting and whether Takemichi will finally confront Mikey. Considering that Benkei and Wakasa were part of the 1st Generation Black Dragons and Taiju was the 10th Generation President of the same gang, it makes a certain poetic sense to have them fight each other. Taiju is likely the only person from Toman who can take on both Benkei and Wakasa at the same time.

#tr259 yeah but if Taiju faces Mikey again, ummm– (unless he is stronger now ofc)

On the other hand, Taiju has lost to Mikey before, and there has been no indication that he can win against him now. Another possibility is that Mikey and Hanma jointly confront him. While Taiju battles the latter, Takemichi takes on the former. Taiju encouraging Takemichi to battle Mikey also supports this speculation. While readers have long anticipated that the final arc, and the series by default, can only end with a confrontation between Mikey and Takemichi, many had hoped that it would not come to a physical fight.

tr 259 leaksjust realized taiju and michi ran in together to fight meaning if hanma and mikey are their opponents then it would only make sense for us to get takemichi vs mikey which means this would legit be the end this is it we are so close im shaking #tokyorevengers259

Readers also expect Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 to clarify how Taiju joined Toman. It is clear that he had kept in touch with both Hakkai and Mitsuya, but the spoilers hint that it was Mitsuya who may have convinced him to join Takemichi. In the last chapter, Taiju called out to Mitsuya, not his younger brother Hakkai. Some readers also speculate that since Taiju has joined Takemichi, Takeomi cannot be far behind. It remains to be seen if the eldest Akashi sibling will also join the fray sometime soon.

Q. Who do you think Taiju is fighting?

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