Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263: Mikey’s flashback about mother reveals origin of his Dark Impulses

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 has been one of the most anticipated chapters since the spoilers hinted at a potential flashback involving Mikey’s family. Indeed, the entire chapter is part of a flashback where readers finally see Mikey talk about his childhood, including the death of his mother and his meeting with Draken.

However, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 does not clear up the mystery surrounding Haruchiyo’s scars as fans had hoped. While there is a glimpse of the traumatic event, the details are not divulged, and the discrepancy between Senju’s earlier recollections and Mikey’s flashback gives rise to new speculations.

Mikey’s trauma regarding death of parents explored in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263

In the last chapter, Mikey ruthlessly beat down Takemichi and Chifuyu and defeated Sanzu. Hanma, shocked that Mikey would do that to his ally, was soundly knocked unconscious.

Even old friends like Mitsuya, Pah-Chin, or the Kawata Twins were not spared from Mikey’s Wrath. Mikey then beat up everyone on the battlefield, friends and foes alike.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 is titled Be Strong.

Mikey’s family

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 begins with Mikey stating that he has only one memory of his father before the latter died in a car accident when Mikey was three years old. His father had bought Mikey a superhero figurine, which he equated with strength.

Later, as he grew up, Mikey singled out children his age who claimed to be the strongest and beat them up. He seemed surprised they weren’t as strong as they claimed, but each incident became a good tale to tell his hospitalized mother.

Sakurako Sano was sick and hospitalized, and Mikey lived for the days he could visit his mother. He learned from his mother that his father was powerful and never cried in public, two very different facts that his young mind linked in causality:

“Strong people do not cry.”

His mother loved his father, and Mikey loved his mother. Therefore, he wanted to become like his father so his mother would love him too.

Idea of strength

#tr263 the fact that mikey doesn’t cry in front of other ppl bc he thinks it’ll make him look weak is killing me ☹️☹️

However, just before her death, Sakurako told her son that he used to cry a lot as a baby, but that did not make him weak. When she passed away, Mikey hid from his family so no one could see him cry.

Her death saw Mikey become more violent and ruthless. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 gives no information on what happened during the airplane incident. Still, it is clear that Mikey asked Haruchiyo to laugh because, to him, crying in any situation was weak.

TR 263 ⌫We might get another flashback again for the continuation… and probably gonna get a flashback of where we might see Mikey’s feelings or reaction towards Shinichiro’s death…#tokyorevengers #tokyorevengers263 #tr263

Haruchiyo continued to stay with Mikey and Baji, but with apparently no resentment between them. After Mikey beat up some high school students, Baji and Haruchiyo told him about a boy who recently defeated some bullies and had a dragon tattoo despite being their age.

Sometime later, Mikey met a tall boy with a dragon tattoo and identified him as Draken. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 ends with Mikey’s narration that he loves strong guys.

Final thoughts

The critical insight we get into Mikey’s psyche is that while he always had a violent streak, his ruthless and borderline cruel tendencies resulted from years of unchecked rage and mishandled trauma.

It is not inherent to him and, as such, is not fundamentally who he is. This allows for an entirely new vista to open up on the “Should Takemichi sacrifice everything to save Mikey” debate.

Another essential thing to note is that Sakurako never tells her son not to beat up people. It is likely because she has already dealt with Shinichiro, or they were a martial arts family.

Her influence on Mikey is unfathomable and far-reaching. Mikey’s idea of putting up a strong front and his definition of strength stems from his desire to be like his father and to be loved by his mother.

This idea is later challenged by his meeting with Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 263 is frustratingly short with details regarding the Haruchiyo incident. Mikey is portrayed with bloodless hands here, which could mean three things:

  1. Either Senju was affected by her fear and Mikey did not have blood on his hand, or she arrived after he touched Haruchiyo’s already bleeding mouth and got blood on his hands.
  2. Mikey’s recollection is flawed, and he did not care about inflicting that damage on Haruchiyo, hence the lack of blood on himself.
  3. The least likely option is that it was a mistake on Wakui’s part during drawing Chapter 263.

Further speculation on this incident will be unwise until more information is given. Hopefully, Wakui will make things clearer in the next chapter.

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