Tom Brady to do movies after retirement? QB rates his acting skills

If you are the greatest to ever perform your craft, why not give something else a go? That could very well be the approach that Tom Brady is about to adopt.

The Tampa Bay Bucanneers quarterback can’t seem to make up his mind about when to retire. Thankfully, there is no indecision when it comes to his post-football career.

With acting skills like this… Tom Brady has to be in the next Star Wars movie 🎥 🍿

Having already signed a $375 million contract that will see him become the new face in the FOX commentary box, could the GOAT be about to turn his attention to acting?

Brady has already had a few offers in the past, famously turning down a role in the blockbuster movie Ted, before eventually making an appearance in the sequel. And who could forget his stint on Saturday Night Live, or the cameos in pop culture classics like, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Once again, The Simpsons (2005 episode) has predicted the future. This time they nailed the design of Tom Brady’s hoodie.

Granted, Tom Brady is definitely an acquired taste, but it’s a popular one nevertheless. While Brady may rate his acting skills, there’s one man who is less of a fan, Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson, who has provided the following critique of Brady’s acting prowess in the past:

“Sweet tap-dancing baby Jesus. What in the f*** did we just watch. Thomas, what was that? I mean you’re sitting there, you’re sitting on some rocks, which I guess is supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock … Thomas, did you really think that was a good idea?”


Which famous QB’s, apart from Tom Brady, tried their hand at acting?

The path from NFL signal caller to Hollywood leading light is certainly not a well-trodden one. While sports such as professional wrestling have proven to be a fertile breeding ground for future Tinseltown stars, NFL stars rarely have success in the acting field.


That doesn’t mean that some haven’t made the attempt, and there have been some high-profile appearances from some HOF stars, with one famous example being Dan Marino.

The Miami Dolphins legend made a memorable cameo in the Jim Carrey classic, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. It wasn’t the beginnings of a second career, but it did lead to small parts in Little Nicky and Bad Boys 2.

Before Marino, there was former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw. The four-time Super Bowl champion has appeared in a bevy of TV shoes, including Married with Children and the Masked Singer as well as nabbing acting gigs in Cannonball Run, Failure to Launch, and other movies.


Will we see Tom Brady pursue some further acting roles once he finally calls it a day?

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