Tony La Russa responds to all the boos from White Sox fans

The Chicago White Sox were booed by fans on Friday night following yet another loss, and manager Tony La Russa shared his thoughts on the matter.

The Chicago White Sox have been struggling this season, and fans were unsurprisingly disappointed following another loss on Friday night. The fans expressed their disappointment by booing the team, and Chicago manager Tony La Russa shared his thoughts on the matter.

According to James Fegan of The Athletic, La Russa stated, “It’s a two-way relationship. They support you and you’ve got to give back. So we’ve got to do more about giving back.”

The negative reaction was understandable considering nobody wants to see their team lose, and La Russa seems to be taking that to heart and thinking about ways to help the team do better.

The White Sox certainly aren’t the worst team in the league, but they have a lot of room to improve.

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of room to improve

Chicago is in an extremely interesting spot with their lineup. Their strengths and weaknesses are very noticeable. They have a great batting average overall. Among all MLB teams, they have the fourth-best batting average (.259). Their on-base percentage is drastically worse, but still slightly above league average at 13th-best (.315).

They noticeably lack a concerning amount of power. They have the 12th-worst slugging percentage (.384), which brings them down to 17th for OPS (.699).

Their rotation is even worse. They have the 11th-worst ERA (4.00), 14th-worst opponent batting average (.244) and ninth-worst WHIP (1.31). Though they’re not in the bottom 10, they aren’t too far off in some areas and could benefit from overall development.

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