Tony La Russa’s explanation for playing an injured Luis Robert is downright despicable

As much as Luis Robert wants to help his team, White Sox manager Tony La Russa ought to take him out for his own safety.

With Chicago facing a critical series in Baltimore, La Russa put a young member of Chicago’s core in jeopardy for virtually no reason.

Robert went 4-for-14 in the series, with three of his hits coming in the first game. Shortly thereafter, he didn’t look the same. Robert swung the bat with one hand on several attempts.

“It hurts a lot, every time I have a bad swing. Have to deal with it,” Robert said postgame.

The White Sox outfielder did not consider taking himself out of the game.

White Sox: Tony La Russa mismanaged another injured player in Luis Robert

La Russa was concerned about Robert after the game, as the 25-year-old had his wrist wrapped in the locker room. However, he did not regret keeping him in the game, despite the fact he went 0-for-5 and was visibly uncomfortable at times.

“Have to be concerned about him getting hurt having a swing like that, maybe have to rethink that,” La Russa said.

When asked why he didn’t take Robert out if he was concerned, La Russa said “because when you see him for 3 days, when he gets one on the nose he still belts it.”

Incredible. This comes just weeks after La Russa committed yet another fireable offense by putting pitcher Michael Kopech at further risk.

A veteran, Hall-of-Fame caliber manager like La Russa needs to step up in these situations. He should be called upon to make the right, careful decision and take out a young player for the greater good. Instead, he consistently falls short of that rather easy expectation to meet.

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