Top 5 facts to know before playing on Minecraft faction servers

Minecraft’s multiplayer has a long and storied history. Before it was even in the beta stage, players had forced the mode into the game. Succumbing to immense pressure, Notch eventually had to add the feature.

And over the years, the community has created dozens of minigames and methods to experience Minecraft. This includes game modes such as spleef, skyblock, bedwars, skywars, PvP and parkour.

One of the most renowned amongst the selection is Factions. Although the mode has evolved alongside the game, it has conceptually stayed the same: large groups of players build bases and work together to raid and loot other factions. But for beginners, there can be a lot to learn about these environments.

5 useful facts to remember before diving into Minecraft factions

5) Not PvP


As the name might imply, factions is not a traditional PvP environment. The title comes from players competing in large teams or factions.

This means that one shouldn’t treat the mode like a regular PvP experience. Instead, players should focus on maintaining camaraderie with their teammates.

This involves being active in the chat and working with everyone to ensure there are no potential gaps in the team’s defenses or keeping an eye out to provide backup.

4) Some servers have real rewards


While factions was previously focused on having groups of friends compete in bouts of friendly team-based PvP, it has evolved over the years. Currently, large actions will offer monetary rewards to its players, either through PayPal payments or server currency.

3) Early game grinding


New players should prepare themselves for a potentially tedious start. Unlike a traditional survival world, most factions servers will not allow one to go out and mine for resources. Instead, there are some forms of in-game currency and stores that players can get their gear from.

This means that players will need to grind against mobs and bosses to access some of the best loot available on these servers. However, those looking to grind for money might try and take out other factions.

2) Claim land and build a base


Factions is all about having large groups of players fight each other in huge PvP environments. This will typically take the form of one faction laying siege to another’s base. Therefore, they should work quickly to establish a base with defenses to safeguard themselves.

Typically, servers in Minecraft factions operate using land claims. These claims are based on faction power, with large ones considered more fitting to own land. This makes joining a strong faction vital.

1) Diplomacy is vital


While many players might see Minecraft factions gameplay as nothing more than large team fights, the game mode is much more nuanced. Diplomacy is an important aspect of the gameplay on any competitive factions server.

It will often take one of two major forms. The first is different factions suing each other for peace, so they can regroup and focus on a weaker enemy.

The second aspect is about working to forge alliances. Due to differences in size between different factions, smaller groups will need to come together to survive.

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