Top 5 food items for healing in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft’s collection of food items is only growing, and it can be tricky to find the right food to meet a player’s needs.

In addition to stats like saturation and hunger restoration, some foods are great for healing. They either restore the hunger bar quickly and allow for restoration or heal players outright.


Ideally, players hunting for the best foods will want to look for one of two things: a high nourishment value that restores a large number of hunger points or golden foods that provide beneficial effects beyond that.

Below, Minecraft players will find a short list of the top food options when it comes to restoring health via hunger or bonus status effects.

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Cooked porkchops, golden apples and 3 other top food choices for healing health as of Minecraft 1.19

1) Cooked Mutton

Mutton is obtained from sheep in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Mutton is obtained from sheep in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Dropped from sheep, mutton has quality hunger restoration in Minecraft. Once cooked, the food item provides players with six points of hunger, which is quite high compared to lower-tier food options such as glow berries, dried kelp or cookies.

It doesn’t have beneficial status effects like golden foods do, but a few pieces of cooked mutton can certainly fill a player’s hunger bar and enable natural regeneration. Moreover, sheep are quite commonplace as far as mobs go, making this food easy to collect.

2) Cooked Porkchops

A cooked porkchop in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
A cooked porkchop in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Obtained from cooking raw porkchops dropped by killing pigs (or killing pigs directly via fire), cooked porkchops are accessible and effective at hunger restoration. While they don’t possess the status effects that golden foods provide, they still do an excellent job at restoring hunger.

Cooked chops restore eight hunger points, which is quite sizable. Since players begin restoring health when their hunger bar is full, cooked porkchops are a great way to fill the bar. With only a few porkchops, players can have a full hunger bar and begin regenerating slowly but surely.


3) Golden Carrots

A golden carrot rests on a hay bale in Minecraft (Image via
A golden carrot rests on a hay bale in Minecraft (Image via

Despite being the least effective of the game’s golden foods, golden carrots are still a fantastic food item to utilize. They restore six hunger points, which isn’t as much as other food items offer.

However, to make up for this, golden carrots give players 14.4 hunger saturation points. This increases the amount of time players can go before their hunger bar begins depleting.

This means that if players fill their food bar with a golden carrot, they should be able to naturally heal from their hunger bar for some time before it begins draining.

4) Golden Apples

A golden apple in an item frame (Image via Mojang)
A golden apple in an item frame (Image via Mojang)

A food item that can be found as loot and also crafted, golden apples are one of the best food items players can look to for healing. Though they only provide four hunger and 9.6 saturation points, they have a bonus set of status effects that directly heal the player.

Specifically, golden apples provide players with Absorption for two minutes, which gives extra hearts to their maximum health. They also bestow Regeneration II for five seconds. This effect restores players’ health over time.

While five seconds may not seem like much time, a sizable amount of health can be rejuvenated in this period.


5) Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted golden apples are one of the finest food items in all of Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Enchanted golden apples are one of the finest food items in all of Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

While standard golden apples are great, enchanted golden apples are some of the finest food items in the entire game. They only provide four hunger points and 9.6 saturation, but their status effects are magnificent.

Enchanted golden apples bestow players with Absorption IV and Regeneration II (Regeneration V in Bedrock Edition). Even better, they also give players Fire Resistance, reducing their damage from sources of fire for five minutes.

Lastly, these rare apples give players five minutes of the Resistance status effect, reducing oncoming damage from most sources. This allows players to heal in safety without external threats causing too many problems.

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