Travis Kelce warns Chiefs fans not to touch Rocky ahead of Super Bowl

Travis Kelce has warned Kansas City Chiefs fans not to touch the Rocky statue in Philadelphia ahead of Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles.

No tight end outside of Rob Gronkowski is down for a good prank and jokes like Travis Kelce. That changes when dealing with Rocky.

Rocky? Yes, the Rocky statue in Philadelphia. Kelce sent out a warning to the Chiefs Kingdom ahead of Super Bowl LVII. Do not touch the Rocky Statue or put an 87 on it.

The moment was hilarious and had Jason Kelce cracked up about it. It was also almost as funny as when Patrick Mahomes revealed the sneaky tactic Kansas City used to draft him back in 2017 that had Jason shaking and Travis smirking.

But back to the actual task. Jason made a good point. If a team taunts that memorial, it doesn’t go well, but what if it’s just a Philadelphia fan doing it and trying to jinx the opposition? That would require heavy forensics, but it would also be a hilarious tale.

Travis Kelce begs Chiefs fans not to touch the Rocky memorial and curse themselves ahead of the Super Bowl.

Travis and Jason Kelce and have more significant priorities ahead of them. With Arizona just days away and the endless barrage of what’s to come with a Super Bowl, they will have their minds busy. It is also possible that it could give Chiefs fans time to go after Rocky, which Travis is begging not to happen.

It will be interesting to see if it does happen, and what comes as a result. Somewhere, Jason is probably texting an individual to complete that task while Travis is begging for it not to happen. Will Rocky be touched? Only one way to find out. See it, and believe it.

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