Trevon Diggs loves that Carson Wentz is back in the NFC East

Star Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs couldn’t be happier that Carson Wentz has been traded to the Washington Commanders. 

After such a wild day on Tuesday with quarterback news, Wednesday featured even more with Carson Wentz being traded to the Washington Commanders. Indianapolis fans are celebrating, but they’re not alone.

Plenty of defensive backs in the NFC East are loving the news as well, with Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs on that list. Diggs took his excitement to Twitter, with him already eyeing interceptions off Wentz this upcoming season.

Trevon Diggs can’t wait to face Carson Wentz and Washington in 2022

Because of his inconsistent play, Wentz has thrown some truly insane interceptions during his career thus far. It’s why people in Philadelphia were jacked up when he got traded and it’s why people in Indianapolis are also happy they’ll have a new starter next season.

For Wentz, he’s ready to try and run the show in Washington, but so many of his haters out there, especially Eagles fans, are convinced he’ll struggle again with the Commanders. Diggs knows all about Wentz’s play, which is why he’ll be ready to add to his picks total when he takes on Washington.

Diggs was a total baller in 2021, posting an unreal 11 interceptions. That number tied the all-time Dallas record for most interceptions in a season. Diggs became the first player since 1981 to reach 11 picks in a year as well.

While we’ve still got to wait a little while for the 2022 campaign to get here, Diggs will be ready to be a force on the gridiron once again. He’s a machine in the secondary and Diggs is ready to let Wentz know that he won’t be able to get away with some of his questionable throws against him.


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