Two WWE Hall of Famers dismiss backstage accusations made about The Undertaker

WWE legends Mark Henry and Bully Ray have categorically stated that The Undertaker was not a bully backstage, despite some former superstars accusing The Deadman of using his backstage power to bully fellow wrestlers.

In a recent episode of the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray (FKA Bubba Ray Dudley) said that an ex-WWE Superstar told him that The Undertaker was a locker room bully.

Mark Henry, who was a part of the show, disagreed with the bullying accusations and explained why some may have felt that The Phenom was a bully.

“Somebody said to me that they thought ‘Taker was a bit of a bully. Did you ever experience that?” Bully Ray asked Mark Henry. (14:06 to 14:10)

Henry quickly replied, stating that he had “never” heard The Phenom bullying anyone in WWE.

“You know what ‘Taker was? He was a leader,” said Henry. (From 14:15 to 14:20)

Henry highlighted The Deadman’s approach towards his peers in the locker room.

“That was a great indicator of ‘let’s communicate first, and if you can’t handle it, fight, get it over with, shake hands, good luck to you on your future endeavors.’ That’s how ‘Taker was,” said Henry. (From 15:15 to 15:30)

Bully Ray stated that The Deadman was accommodating, even when they clashed about creative decisions. The tag team legend said The Undertaker never bullied him during his time with the company, which Mark Henry agreed with.

You know, Undertaker has been known as the leader of Smackdown’s locker room ever since the brand extension originally became a thing in 2002. Funny thing is, he was the first ever superstar to get drafted to Raw.#WWE

Henry felt that the superstar who complained to Bully Ray about The Undertaker’s bullying may have had “the law be put down on them” by the legend.

A former WWE Superstar accused The Undertaker of using wrestlers to bully him

The measuring stick. The locker room leader. The Phenom. Three decades ago today, @Undertaker changed the landscape of sports-entertainment. His legacy is incomparable, his impact immeasurable. #ThankYouTaker. #Undertaker30

Ex-WWE Superstar Rene Dupree stated a few months ago that The Deadman ordered fellow wrestlers to bully him for not going out to drink with them. He went to The Undertaker – who was regarded as the locker room leader – to sort the issue out, but didn’t get a decisive answer from him.

“The next person I went to was The Undertaker and I said ‘What do you do when someone does this to you?’ And he goes ‘Well you find out who does it.’ He ordered them to do that because I didn’t go out drinking with him and the guys at a bar,” said Dupree.

Dupree claimed that his shoes and suit were ruined, while they also threw a French flag into the toilet.

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