UNLV football’s ‘turnover slot machine’ is college football’s greatest celebratory prop yet

UNLV is not exactly known as a football school. The Rebels are perennially the doormat of the Mountain West with just two winning seasons since 1995. The once proud men’s basketball program has had a rough go of it lately, too.

The nice thing about college football that your team can still be fun even if it’s not exactly good. There are several teams around the country that have come up with creative ways to celebrate success on the defensive side of the ball, whether it’s Miami’s infamous turnover chain or Boise State’s turnover throne. UNLV is taking that idea to the next level.

As UNLV faced Idaho State to open the season, the Revels tapped into their local roots by busting out the “turnover slot machine.”

Does that slot machine always come up with all Rebels logos? Sounds rigged.

This is not the first time we’ve seen the turnover slot machine. UNLV debuted it last season, and it caught on in a game against Utah State.

We’re giving this an A+ for creativity and commitment to the bit.

UNLV ran away with a victory against Idaho State for a W to start the year. Maybe the “turnover slot machine” is finally going to usher in some good luck for the program.

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