Valorant Haunted skin collection: Cost, expected release date, variants, and more

Despite Valorant being a free-to-play tactical shooter, Riot Games has released a slew of attractive skins to provide players with a sense of variety in the game. With almost every new update, Valorant releases a large collection of weapon cosmetics as well as skin bundles.

With Halloween approaching, Riot Games has now decided to release the Haunted skin bundle. While we only have the code name for this upcoming skin collection, it is safe to assume that Riot will deliver a solid Halloween-themed scary skin bundle to its ever-growing playerbase.

Haunted skin bundle in Valorant, all details revealed

Riot Games releases a new skin bundle with each new patch, with Ion 2.0 being the most recent of them all, released in the 5.08 patch. Riot Games appears to be planning to release many more in upcoming patches.

New Halloween Bundle Codenamed: Haunted | #VALORANT Includes a Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and Melee.

According to a Valorant data miner on Twitter, Riot Games will soon reveal the next skin line which will have a Halloween theme. The new bundle will have five skins, which consists of the Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and the Melee skin. A spray and card will be included in the full cosmetic bundle for free, although there are no gun buddies available in the Haunted skin bundle.

While there are no visual designs or skin concepts available yet, Riot Games will likely be releasing yet another visually appealing skin bundle.

Haunted skin bundle price

According to sources, the new bundle would cost as much as the Prime and Reaver Bundles. Each weapon skin will cost 1775 VP (Valorant Points), whereas the melee skin will set a player back by 3550 VP.

Collection codenamed “Haunted”;- Melee- Phantom- Guardian- Spectre- Ghost- Spray & Card (no Buddy)1775 / 3550 / 7100 VP(Gun / Melee / Bundle)1 level upgrade, no chromas/variants

Reportedly, the entire bundle with free sprays and cards would cost 7100 VP. The cost breakup of every weapon in the bundle is listed below:

  • Phantom Skin Price – 1775 VP
  • Guardian Skin Price – 1775 VP
  • Spectre Skin Price – 1775 VP
  • Ghost Skin Price – 1775 VP
  • Melee Skin Price – 3550 VP

Haunted skin bundle variants/upgrades

The new cosmetic bundle from Riot Games will feature a level 1 upgrade, with no chromas/variants. Based on the leaks, the skin line won’t feature any additional effects or kill animation.

Haunted bundle release date

Currently, there is no information on the release date of Riot Games‘ upcoming skin bundle. The Halloween theme suggests that it will be released as soon as the current Ion 2.0 Collection disappears from the Valorant in-game store.

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