Video: LeBron James fantasizes rocking a Kratos outfit in a basketball game in a promotional video for ‘God Of War’

LeBron James left everyone in amazement as he posted a promotional video of the latest installment in the God of War series, God of War Ragnarok. In the advertisement, James was featured donning a Kratos outfit with his son, Bronny.

James added another acting gig to his recent gaming ad. In the ad, James wore an outfit resembling the well-known protagonist of the game, Kratos. Wearing a fur shawl equipped with an ax and the iconic Kratos facepaint, the 18-time All-Star channeled his inner “God of War” as he talked about fatherhood.

“Kratos fit on the court? For sure….” James tweeted, “AND at Bronny’s games!!”

The LA Lakers forward is improving his acting chops and could have a career in Hollywood if he decides to retire. Bronny, on the other hand, needs more work.

God of War Ragnarok was released on Wednesday on the PlayStation 4 and 5. It is one of the most-awaited games this year. Early reviews of the game have helped the hype surrounding it. Based on the rating it received from IGN, it’s one of the best games released this year.

On the fence about picking up God of War Ragnarok? Maybe our review will help you decide – we gave it a 10/10!Impeccable writing, pitch-perfect performances, knockout action – it’s a complete work of art from top to bottom.Our review:

Check out the gameplay trailer here.

Gaming has helped LeBron James with his NBA career

I Promise School Grand Opening Celebration with LeBron James
I Promise School Grand Opening Celebration with LeBron James

According to an article written by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LeBron James developed a photographic memory due to playing video games. While playing the game Shaq Fu with his childhood friends, a friend testified that it wasn’t easy playing with the four-time MVP.


Brandon Weems, a lifelong friend of James’, said that James memorized the combinations to help him win. Before the time of the internet craze, the four-time champion managed to memorize the moves of the game.

“LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he’d win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating,” Weems said.

Weems added that the All-Star forward carried that habit of memorizing moves in the NFL football game Madden. Madden is a different game than Shaq Fu, but James was still able to use his memory to win. Based on Weems’ account, LeBron knew just how to beat his opponents based on plays.

“When you play Madden with him now, you have to be careful which teams you take, because he will know what your game plans were in the past when you’ve played with him, and he’ll pick the opposing team knowing what plays you want to run,” Weems said.

It seems as though his habit of memorizing has carried over to his professional career. Fans often see how he deals with opponents just based off his memory.

To read more about LeBron James’ gaming life, click here.

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