Vikings’ Kirk Cousins replacement already in Minnesota, and he’s an absolute … DAWG!

Anthony Edwards could steal Kirk Cousins’ job as the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback.

Omar coming. Nah. Tuck coming. Nah. Ant-Man coming!

While Mel Tucker does amazing things at Kirk Cousins’ alma mater, the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback better be worried about Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Anthony Edwards becoming a two-sport athlete. Overcast days may have never turned Prince on, but look at Edwards signing the pill like a Raspberry Beret, the kind you’d find at a second-hand ACC school.

The Atlanta native threw the best pass down on The Flats since Reggie Ball threw it out of bounds.

Anthony Edwards needs to be a two-sport star in Minnesota to win chips, Dawg!

Look. It does not really matter if Cousins likes this or not. What does is Edwards had the supreme confidence to go into hostile territory and dominate on the practice field of another sport. He is an absolute … DAWG! Why would we be shocked he named his pup after himself? This is the man who will bring Minnesota its first men’s professional championship since Kirby Puckett won No. 2.

He may play in the Twin Cities now, but Edwards will always have that Dawg inside of him. Having a little bit of that Atlanta swag will go a long way towards the Timberwolves getting back to and hopefully eclipsing the peak Kevin Garnett years. Heck, he might get his number retired before K.G. does. Regardless, Cousins will not be sleeping tonight, as Ant-Man coming. He has his job to take.

Not only can Edwards throw for more yards on a single play than the Yellow Jackets would muster in a game under Paul Johnson, but you can absolutely flex the Timberwolves star out wide and call four verts, bruh! If Justin Jefferson leaves like Stefon Diggs, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss did before him, Edwards clearly has the talent to lead the Vikings in both receiving and passing yards.

If Joe Mauer played basketball instead of baseball, this is exactly what you would have in Edwards.

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