Viktor Hovland doesn’t have his clubs or clothes for the Scottish Open

Viktor Hovland has the worst luck when it comes to traveling, and this week is no different, as he showed up to the Scottish Open with essentially nothing.

At what point does Viktor Hovland get a sponsorship deal from a brand that will safely deliver his clubs and luggage on time? How many times has this happened to Hovland this year? Twice.

According to Golf Digest, Hovland showed up to the Scottish Open without clubs or clothes for the event because the airline had issues. His clubs still weren’t there on Tuesday, but he was hoping they would arrive before his tee time on Thursday.

The first time was in January for the Sentry Tournament of Champions, and the clubs arrived damaged. Now it’s July, and he has no clubs or clothes with the tournament starting on Thursday.

There is no telling what condition his clubs and stuff will show up in for this event, so hopefully, PING will have their team there and ready in case something terrible happens.

Viktor Hovland has the worst traveling luck.

What will happen if Hovland doesn’t have his clubs? Will someone loan him a set? Will he have to withdraw? He borrowed his caddie’s clubs for a practice round at Kapalua, but this isn’t a practice round. It’s a money one.

With him being a professional golfer on PING’s staff, someone has to be working on a solution, but at this point, it brings up a question about why this keeps happening to Hovland?

Is someone trying to sabotage him because they bet on another golfer and don’t want Hovland to win? That scenario seems far-fetched, but it crossed my mind. Or does Hovland have this terrible luck?

The latter seems logical, but someone out there needs to design a club shipping company that will safely deliver clubs and clothes for professional golfers — PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, etc.

If someone does, they need to make Hovland the poster child for the company and make a ton of money. At this point, he would probably invest in something like that and help make it successful.

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