Vince McMahon retires: WWE fans react in pure shock

Vince McMahon shockingly announced his retirement as CEO of the WWE Friday, marking one of the most significant moments in wrestling history.

After several decades of leading the way for professional wrestling in North America, Vince McMahon has officially retired, leaving his position as CEO of WWE. Stephanie McMahon, who has been acting as interim CEO while her father was under investigation for several scandals that have recently come to light, will officially become the co-CEO of the company, alongside Nick Khan.

Online fans and wrestlers alike were not shy about letting their feelings be known about the biggest name in wrestling history.

Bringing an onslaught of memes, earned criticism, and, for what feels like a first for WWE fans online, hope.

WWE fans react to Vince McMahon’s retirement

McMahon is almost single-handedly to thank for the audience that pro wrestling has today. In 1982, after taking over WWE from his father, Vince McMahon Sr., McMahon Jr. unified the territories, kicked off the golden era, went head to head with Ted Turner in the Attitude Era, and created most of the biggest names in wrestling in the last forty years. Many have criticized McMahon’s questionable decisions as the head of creative and the head of the company.

McMahon leaves the company in the midst of several massive scandals surrounding potential affairs and hush money deals made with several women, some of whom were reportedly former employees of WWE.

In May, McMahon temporarily stepped down as CEO of the company as a result of the Wall Street Journal‘s reporting on these controversies, vowing to cooperate with the investigations surrounding these allegations, and retaking his position once they were over. However, it appears now that these changes will be made permanent.

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