Vince McMahon’s grandson commits to Indiana football as a preferred walk-on

The Hoosiers are getting an injection of pro wrestling royalty with the announcement over the weekend that Declan McMahon has committed to Indiana as a preferred walk on. Declan is the son of Shane McMahon, grandson of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and will unquestionably garner attention when he steps on campus this fall.

Declan primarily played running back at Poly Prep Day School in Brooklyn, but has some limited experience as a quarterback — though RB seems to be his most likely position when he makes the jump.

Indiana wasn’t the only school interested in McMahon. He visited with Rutgers and Duke, receiving offers from Fordham and East Carolina University, before picking the Hoosiers.

Of the schools interested in Declan it’s most interesting to see him turn down ECU. Both his grandparents, Vince and Linda McMahon attended ECU, and have strong ties to the university. It’s also close to where his grandparents grew up.

Instead he’s forging his own path, at a school where he has no prior ties. I’m terms of his future prospects, it seems unlikely he’d ever make it to the NFL, but you never know … maybe we could see a McMahon play in the XFL. That would be just too delightful.

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