Von Miller is still out here going all Drake for the Denver Broncos on social media

Guess who wants to get back with his ex?

Guess who wants to get back with his ex?
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Von Miller is out here pulling a Drake and pinning for an ex on social media.

NFL free agency officially begins on Mar. 16, but Miller has been letting the Denver Broncos know that just because they broke up with him doesn’t mean he’s stopped loving them.

The Broncos traded their all-time sack leader to the Los Angeles Rams in November. Even though they broke his heart, the break-up worked out spectacularly well for Miller and the Rams. They won a Super Bowl championship with each other while the Broncos finished the season 7-10, and have failed to make the playoffs since they won a championship with Miller in 2015.

All that being said, Miller’s heart may still be in Denver even after one helluva fling in Tinseltown. He started on Monday with two posts on his Instagram story using the same picture of himself playing for the Broncos. In one post he ponders whether he would look better in Broncos colors wearing his old No. 58, or the No. 40 that he had with the Rams. In another post, he put a thought bubble next to his head in the picture and asked the question “I wonder if they will give me my old locker back?” Miller then caused more of a stir later that day with a tweet that as of today still has not been deleted. It ends with the Mile High City’s trademark number, it’s 5,280 foot elevation.

What did Miller’s ex do after receiving all this surprising social media attention? They executed a trade that landed them Russell Wilson. The biggest shortcoming on the Broncos’ end in their long-term relationship with Miller was their inability to find an answer at quarterback once Peyton Manning retired following that Super Bowl championship season. Talk about growth, they acquired the quarterback that beat them in their first appearance in the Super Bowl with Miller.

 Did Miller notice? Do Offset and Cardi B always get back together after a split…. of course Miller noticed! News on the trade broke on Tuesday afternoon and this morning not only did Miller post a picture of himself and Wilson together on his IG Story, there’s an actual Drake song playing in the background — “What’s next.”

What’s really next for Miller? He wasn’t completely committed to anything when asked directly. Prior to his latest IG love note to the Broncos, he’d told USA Today’s Josina Anderson that his first priority is to work something out with the Rams because they’ve been “real good” to him, but “on the slim chance” that doesn’t work he will be looking at all of his options.

It’s always fun when the NFL players get into the chaotic free agency spirit on social media. Jalen Ramsey even jumped in the fray yesterday asking for advice on how to convince the Rams’ midseason acquisitions from last season, Miller and Odell Beckham Jr., to run it back in 2022. My advice would be to go to Miller’s house some time next week and lock the door until he and the Rams can come to an agreement. It worked for the Los Angeles Clippers that one time.

With nothing official until free agency technically begins, we’ll just have to settle for Miller acting out that Future meme whenever the mood strikes him.

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