“Washed up MMA fighter wants to get into movies” – Fans roast Conor McGregor for calling himself an “underrated athlete” 

Fans on social media mercilessly trolled Conor McGregor after the former UFC two-division champion called himself an “underrated athlete.”

McGregor recently posted a photo of himself on Twitter. In the post, he described himself as an underrated athlete, even if many would describe him as the opposite.

Check out Conor McGregor’s tweet below:

However, most observers believe that McGregor is quite overrated, considering he’s still the most popular UFC fighter despite his recent string of poor performances. With that being the case, MMA fans on Twitter didn’t take too kindly to McGregor’s proclamation.

A few individuals replied to the Irishman’s tweet, explaining why he can’t call himself underrated. They pointed out that McGregor’s hype, especially after losing three of his last four fights, disqualifies him from being considered underrated.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user said that even if it’s true, McGregor should let other people throw him compliments instead of heaping praise on himself.

@TheNotoriousMMA I dont remember a time you were underrated to be honest, i do remember a time you were overrated though. You had a great career and made more money than everyone i dont see why you can let it go and just enjoy the money and time with your family.

@TheNotoriousMMA Underrated? The guy that’s never defended a title once? The guy that’s 1-4 his last 5 fights, not even finishing most of them? 😂 😂

@TheNotoriousMMA 3-4 LAST 7 SAYS WASHED UP CHUMPJul 10, 2021Dustin PoirierLTKO – Jan 23, 2021Dustin PoirieL Poirier vs. McGregor 2Jan 18, 2020Donald CerroneWKhabib LEddie Alvarez Championship BeltWAug 20, 2016Nate DiazW5 UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2Mar 5, 2016Nate Diaz

@TheNotoriousMMA Actually a bit overrated tbh the last person you fought beat you twice and you probably wont likely fight again you peaked about 5 years ago and you only had about 3 fights at your peak unless you come back and do something you are washed

@TheNotoriousMMA Dude you cannot call your self the underrated athlete. If it is so, someone else should say it lol.

Meanwhile, a couple of Twitter users agreed that McGregor would be better off pursuing a career in acting or modeling. The comments were apparent jabs at McGregor’s involvement with the remake of the 80s classic action movie Road House.

@TheNotoriousMMA Overinflated ego.Washed up MMA fighter wants to get into movies.

@TheNotoriousMMA You’re way better at posing for pics than you were at fighting.At least in your modeling career you won’t have to deal with dudes lording over you as you regain consciousness.

Others believe McGregor was being delusional at this point. Meanwhile, a few commenters reminded him that he badly needs a win to get his fighting career back on track.

@TheNotoriousMMA NormalBe realistic,Guy, you have l’ose all the last fight.Continues to drink,and to have full, better for u.U don t have wrestling,so u re not strong enough for oliveira,makachev…Drink,club,casino,how my advice. And it s good life whisky man!

@TheNotoriousMMA Stfu u r still a garbage human being. Dk t care how good of an athlete or fighter u r. Egotistical POS.

@TheNotoriousMMA Need to bring back Ido Portal and Artem Lobov to get you back in the win column

Kamaru Usman thinks Conor McGregor’s days as champ are over

UFC pound-for-pound king Kamaru Usman is of the opinion that Conor McGregor won’t ever hold a UFC title ever again.

McGregor is seemingly nearing a return to the octagon based on his posts on social media. However, the UFC welterweight champion is of the opinion that the Irishman won’t ever recapture the belt as he no longer has the drive to work hard.

Appearing on an episode of the I Am Athlete podcast, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ said:

“He’s not necessarily done, but he’s done as a champion. When I fight guys, I study their hearts. When I watch fights, I watch their heart, and for me, he’s done. He’s done, because I don’t know whether the goal was to get the money.”

Watch the interview in the clip below:


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