“Wasn’t even close to a ball” “That’s embarrassing for him” – Fans roast Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto after he is unknowingly struck out

It’s always surprising to see professional athletes make rather simple blunders, but that’s exactly what we saw when Juan Soto began to trot to first base after being called out on strike three. The Washington Nationals superstar was convinced the ball was too low to be a strike, but the umpire disagreed.

Watching the clip, it is difficult to agree with Soto, as the pitch was well within the strike zone. The star’s look of confusion as he realizes what happened is endearing and something everybody who has made a simple mistake can relate to.

JomBoy Media posted a clip of the strikeout to their Twitter account. It is worth watching if for no other reason than to see the reaction of the Washington Nationals star.

This lapse in judgement from Juan Soto is understandable, but that did not stop the internet hordes from roasting him for it.

Juan Soto didn’t see the strikeout or the roasting coming

Juan Soto waves to the camera from the Washington Nationals dugout.
Juan Soto waves to the camera from the Washington Nationals dugout.

It’s still unclear why he thought the call was for a ball four. At worst, the pitch was only slightly low. The umpire did not hesitate to call it a strike, but Juan Soto thought he earned first base anyway. MLB Twitter is holding nothing back on this blunder.

This fan summarizes his thoughts on the situation rather succintly.

This user has a rather extreme reaction to the innocuous error, somehow even bringing up Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper.

@JomboyMedia @TalkinBaseball_ him and his franchise are a straight joke this season🤣🤣 i do t even wanna hear how he shoulda won mvp over bryce harper anymore 🤣🤣

The fans have a good point, that the pitch was really not even that close to being a ball.

This fan recognizes the mistake, but finds that it makes the Washington Nationals star all the more lovable.

This fan expects more from the young player, and he is probably right to do so.

This fan picks up on the trend and realizes that this is not a one-off occurrence for the Washington Nationals slugger.

@JomboyMedia Am I wrong or he’s been doing this often this season

This fan is befuddled as to how the batter didn’t hear the strike three call.

@JomboyMedia Was he listening with no sound like this video lol

This is not a play that will be included in highlight packages for the young superstar. He made a rather elementary error. While it may be embarrassing for him in the moment, as long as he bounces back and has a good game against the Milwaukee Brewers, he will have the last laugh.

Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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