Watch a woman scale barriers, charge the Octagon at UFC 274

A fan tried to climb into the Octagon at UFC 274 on Saturday, May 7. It did not go well for them.

If there is one thing that you could possibly do at a professional sporting event that will not turn out well for you, it is running on the field of play. Whether that is a football field or a basketball court. If a fan were to run onto it, they are more likely than not to get tackled by security and subsequently arrested.

At the UFC 274 event at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Ariz. on Saturday, May 7, a fan decided it would be a great idea to run towards and climb into the Octagon. As she ran over the barriers and onto the base of the Octagon, a security guard shoved her off the platform and to the ground.

You can take a look for yourself.

Fan tries to climb into Octagon at UFC 274, fails

According to the Associated Press report, this happened shortly after the conclusion of the main event, where Charles Oliveira defeated Justin Gaethje via first round submission. After being tossed from the Octagon, the fan tried to run into the tunnel, but stopped to sit in a chair. That is when security apprehended her.

Once again, trying to run onto and climb into the field of play at a sports event is not going to end well.

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