[Watch] Big E posts new video without neck brace on

Big E has posted a new video on social media today and shared an update about his personal life.

The Powerhouse of Positivity announced that after 36 years, 3 months, and about 2 weeks, his beard finally connects for the first time in his life. The former WWE Champion was ecstatic to no longer have to rely on his barber because his facial hair now naturally connects on its own.

More importantly, he is not wearing a neck brace in the video. The New Day member is currently out of action due to a broken neck, but seems well on his way to recovery and will be returning with a healthy beard on top of it.

Big E’s road to recovery after suffering a broken neck

On the March 11th edition of WWE SmackDown, E teamed up with Kofi Kingston against Sheamus and Ridge Holland in a tag team match. Ridge Holland went for a belly-to-belly throw but didn’t get enough of it and the 36-year-old landed on his head.

The updates have been few and far between since his his injury 96 days ago. He recently attended an NHL playoff game with WWE superstar Titus O’Neil on June 8th and was wearing a neck brace. However, the eight-time Tag Team Champion did post a brief clip this past Monday of him throwing his neck brace in the trash.

Big E’s video today confirms that he no longer needs the brace and is on the road to recovery. It remains to be seen when he can make his way back to the ring, but anything is possible with the power of positivity on his side.

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