Watch: College pitcher levels opposing hitter who just homered off him

Things escalated quickly at a college baseball game when a pitcher literally tackled an opposing hitter trotting the bases after a home run.

Fights on the baseball diamond happen. Sometimes it’s the batter charging the pitcher. Sometimes players in the dugout jawing with players on the field.

It’s not so often that the pitcher charges the batter after he’s hit a home run and is rounding third base.

A college baseball game between North Central Texas College and Weatherford brought us that jaw-dropping scenario.

Watch: College pitcher levels opposing hitter who just homered off him

Weatherford pitcher Owen Woodward speared the NCTC batter, Josh Phillips, who had just hit a go-ahead home run and was running the bases. It’s not clear what set the pitcher off, but his response was to go full-on Waterboy on the batter.

Jadaveon Clowney thinks that hit was vicious.

It’s a minor miracle that one didn’t turn into an all-out, benches-clearing brawl. The NCTC dugout rushed out to break things up but Weatherford benches didn’t clear aside from a couple of guys running out to join the fray.

Things got cleared up pretty quickly, which all in all is the best way for something like this to be handled. Twitter commenters may want to go off on how teammates on either side could have or should have escalated things with a more passionate response, but why compound one embarrassing moment with more silliness.

Wednesday’s doubleheader at Weatherford was just the first of two. Another doubleheader is scheduled for Saturday at NCTC. Hopefully, things stay more civil.

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