WATCH: Former NFL RB Frank Gore scores first knockout in debut boxing match

Frank Gore’s second career got off to a great start when he knocked out his opponent in the boxing ring. The former NFL running back had participated in a boxing bout before, against former NBA player Deron Williams, which he lost, but this was his first official fight.

Gore took on Yaya Olorunsola and brought him down on a knockout after landing a 1-2 combination before the right jab made his opponent fall down unconsious. It was another moment of highlight for a player who has specialized in delivering them throughout his career.

Today was a great day!!!Want to thank my team for all the hard work‼️🙏🏿

Frank Gore: A look back at his career

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

Frank Gore played in the NFL for 16 seasons, and in doing so, he amassed the third-highest rushing yards of all time. Gore has exactly 16,000 yards, behind Emitt Smith and Walter Payton and above Barry Sanders.

All of these other individuals have made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Frank Gore would definitely be considerd.

He played nine seasons with the San Fransisco 49ers from 2005, before moving on for a couple of seasons to the Indianapolis Colts. He then had a season each with the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and the New York Jets. His NFL career started in 2005 in the third round of the draft and ended in 2020 in New York.

During that time, he made five Pro Bowls, and was generally recognized as one of the best in the business. But after not having a chance to return to the NFL in 2020, he decided to work on his boxing career.

He chose to retire in 2022 and did so as a member of the San Francisco 49ers squad after inking a one-day contract with them.

Looking at the results today, it seems to be coming off really well. His record in boxing is 100% with a knockout. His decision to take up boxing seems to be reaping rewards.

For Gore to put himself out there when he was assured of all the adulation from the NFL is nothing short of extraordinary. He was not satisfied with just the notoriety of the NFL and decided in 2020 that he was now going to turn to boxing.


This fight was a culmination of his hard work. Arranged to coincide with his 39th birthday, this bout gave him the best present he could have received.

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