Watch: HBO Max’s Hacks series jokes about Roman Reigns going to AEW

The HBO Max Hacks series referenced Roman Reigns during a season 2 episode.

The Hacks series showcases a “legendary Las Vegas stand-up comedy diva” Deborah Vance’s struggle to continue being relevant. A young struggling comedy writer, who cannot find work due to an insensitive tweet, teams up with her.

During season 2, episode 3 of the HBO Max series, titled Trust The Process, Angela Elayne Gibb, portraying Robin, brought up Roman Reigns when talking to her son. Carl Clemons-Hopkins played the role of the son — Marcus. The latter is Deborah’s chief operating officer and has a major role on the show.

In the clip, Robin tells her son that she has taken an interest in her son’s ex-boyfriend. Marcus was naturally not too happy about this, but his mother tried to negotiate, asking him if she could talk to his ex if Reigns went to AEW. Despite the unlikely chances of this happening, Marcus was far from happy.

“If Roman Reigns ever goes to AEW, can I at least DM him?”

It should be noted that this comes amidst rumors that HBO Max could be in the running to sign a streaming deal with AEW.

Roman Reigns is not the first wrestling reference in Hacks

Someone behind the scenes in Hacks could be a wrestling fan, as this is not the first time a wrestling reference has been written into the show.

The last WWE reference was during Season 1. In that episode, they talked about the Royal Rumble and how much they enjoyed watching Trish Stratus, Ivory, Jaqueline, and Lita.

Trish Stratus/Royal Rumble reference on HBO Max show “Hacks” (season 1)

In the clip above, Robin talks to Johnny Sibilly, who portrays Wilson, Marcus’s love interest. Given the show-runners’ apparent interest in wrestling, this might be far from the last time fans see a reference in the show.

Is Roman Reigns vs. The Rock likely to happen? We asked Paul Heyman himself here.

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