Watch Warriors’ Jonathan Kuminga laugh at Jordan Clarkson’s boxing stance in near-fight

Jonathan Kuminga and Jordan Clarkson nearly came to blows during Wednesday’s Warriors-Jazz game but the former couldn’t help but laugh at the latter.

One of the last things you expect to see on an NBA floor when tempers are flaring is one of the potential combatants laughing heartily. But leave it to Golden State Warriors youngster Jonathan Kuminga to give fans that treat on Wednesday night.

In a heated battle with the Utah Jazz, Kuminga had Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson locked up on a drive and forced a bad shot. When the Warriors forward went to get the loose ball, though, Clarkson got his arms up around the neck and committed an extremely hard an unnecessary foul. That’s when things got heated on the floor.

Kuminga got in Clarkson’s face and stared him down before teammates pulled him away. Clarkson, however, was ready to brawl as he started coming after him and even getting in a suspect boxing stance. And as the Jazz guard did that, the Warriors young forward couldn’t do anything but laugh at what he was seeing.

Warriors: Kuminga laughs at Jordan Clarkson’s boxing stance as fight almost breaks out

If Clarkson was seriously ready to box and/or throw hands, he might want to get those hands up to play a little defense. But that’s just a tip.

For escalating the situation, Clarkson was assessed a flagrant 2 foul, which was well deserved. And for Kuminga’s part, well, he got a good laugh out of the whole ordeal on the night when he was a force for the Warriors off of the bench with 24 points, five boards and four assists to go with a steal and a block as well.

Unfortunately for Golden State, it was the Jazz got the last laugh as Utah forced a late turnover that sealed a 124-123 victory in Salt Lake City for the home team.

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