“We don’t always lose, but when we do, it’s in excruciating fashion” “So embarrassing” – New York Yankees fans devastated after ninth-inning home run gives Kansas City Royals the victory

The New York Yankees suffered a tough loss at the hands of the Kansas City Royals, who took a ninth-inning lead with a clutch homer. The Yankees had a two-run lead going into the eighth inning that Salvador Perez erased to secure the win for his team. This was a major upset, as the Yankees were heavily favored for this game, which only exacerbated the fan reaction.

The MLB posted a clip of Perez’s clutch home run to Twitter. This home run would turn out to be the hit the Royals needed to win a tough road game.

The New York Yankees have won more than any other team in baseball, but this only makes the losses hurt even worse. Losing in the fashion they did makes it all the more difficult to stomach.

@TalkinYanks We don’t always lose, but when we do, it’s in excruciating fashion and we take FOUR FREAKING HOURS TO DO IT

This loss has caused some fans to lose faith in the lineup, fearing there are weaknesses that might not be addressed.

@TalkinYanks So embarrassing. Gonna be even more embarrassing when Cashman lines up this same squad on Tuesday at 6:01pm.

Clay Holmes was the Yankees pitcher who was lined up as the closer for the game in the top of the ninth inning. While pitchers will never be perfect, Yankees fans are worried that this is becoming a trend for Holmes.

With just a few days before the trade deadline, the New York Yankees are running out of time to improve the team for a postseason push.

This is only the 34th loss for Yankees fans in the entire season. To put this number in perspective, the Washington Nationals have only won 35 games in 2022. The Yankees are still the best team in the MLB, and are rightfully the World Series favorites for the American League. Despite all the accolades the team has achieved thus far, fans still expect things to fall apart at any time.

@TalkinYanks there’s always something in the way of every game. no matter who or what it is. it’s so annoying. we had a sweep in our hands and blew it

@Yankees Today was embarrassing. It just was. Anyways…. On to the next series ✌🏽

The New York Yankees have their sights set on a championship in 2022, making hurdles like this to be avoided as much as possible.

The New York Yankees are still first in the American League, barely

DJ LeMahieu blasting a home run
DJ LeMahieu blasting a home run

Two months ago it would have seemed impossible for any AL team to catch the Yankees, but the Houston Astros have been gaining. Now just two games behind the Yankees for the AL lead, they will be trying to steal that crown over the coming weeks.

Given how talented the AL is this season, seeding could be vitally important for postseason success. The New York Yankees losing this game in heartbreaking fashion could cost them in the long run.

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