“Welp, this road trip is off to a ridiculous & disgusting start” “How is it even possible to suck this much” – New York Yankees fans are miserable after being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Yankees’ struggles continued on the road, and their fans are beginning to panic after being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are a strong team that has now taken the lead in the National League Central. However, the Yankees are supposed to be the best team in the MLB. Being swept was very unexpected.

Road series are always difficult to predict, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who expected the Yankees to go 0-3. While they retain their commanding lead in the American League East, their claim as the best team in baseball is in question.

The Yankees will not return to New York until August 15, so they need to start racking up road wins soon.

@Yankees Welp, this road trip is off to a ridiculous & disgusting start. Picking up right where the last home stand ended ,smh atrocious !

After starting the year as the best team in baseball, this downward trend is really worries fans.

@Yankees How is it even possible to suck this much

This loss compounded the fears of many in the New York Yankees fan base. Many of them expected to run through the AL at the beginning of the season. Now, after a few weeks of playing .500 baseball, those expectations are crashing down to Earth. With the playoffs fast-approaching, the Yankees need to re-establish themselves as an elite MLB team.

@Yankees I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet but the situation around this team is worse than people are making it out to be. They’ve been playing under .500 now for going on 7 weeks. Idk what needs to happen but this team needs a reality check. That lead can be gone before u know it.

@Yankees A fluke of a season I thought this team was for real that first half now there falling apart

Many fans point to the lack of action by the New York Yankees at the trade deadline as a reason for their decline. Seeing how it was the team’s last chance to improve for the 2022 season, fans believe they did not do enough.

@Yankees You can’t make this up how bad the trade deadline acquisitions have been. Brutal

If the New York Yankees are unable to find postseason success in 2022, this season will be chalked up as a failure.

@Yankees This team’s gonna beat the Astros in a 7 game series?

If the Yankees hope to reach the playoffs with any sort of momentum, they need to turn things around quickly.

Are the New York Yankees the top team in the American League?

Aaron Judge looking on from the dugout
Aaron Judge looking on from the dugout

Despite Aaron Judge having the best season of his career, the Yankees’ recent struggles put them at second in the AL. While they have the same record as the Houston Astros, the Astros won the majority of their head-to-head matchups. This is a sharp decline from where the Yankees were to start the year.

There was a point where it was obvious the Yankees are the best team in the AL with every team battling for second. Their fight to get back on top has now been hindered by three straight losses to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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