“We’ve always been struggling” – Max Verstappen feels Red Bull needs to improve its ‘high speed performance’ to beat Ferrari at 2022 F1 French GP

Max Verstappen believes Red Bull needs to improve its high-speed performance to challenge Ferrari in the 2022 French GP. The Dutchman felt that they struggled in qualifying but are quick when it comes to straight-line speed, which could give them a significant advantage over Ferrari.

Speaking at the post-qualifying press conference of the French GP, the reigning world champion said:

“I mean, yeah, we seem again very quick on the straight, which I think is, of course, a nice bonus but I think overall, we need to look a bit into our high speed performance.”

He continued:

“I think overall this, whatever wing we put on the car, we’ve always been struggling a little bit in high speed compared to Ferrari. But around here, I mean the tyres are going to be like incredibly hot tomorrow and you cannot push the high speed as much as you of course do over a Quali lap. So then, of course, I hope that top speed can help us out a bit more than over a qualifying lap. Where, of course, you also have DRS at some places.”

Max Verstappen revealed that his team was struggling in the qualifying pace against Ferrari. Relying on the straight-line speed advantage they have over their rivals, he hopes they can be stronger in the race. The 24 year old reckoned Red Bull needed to improve the high-speed performancey. The Dutchman struggled with grip issues in the qualifying session for the French GP.

Max Verstappen feels being quick and managing tires will be key to winning the French GP

The Dutch champion believes the warmer temperatures in the race will make tire management tricky. Max Verstappen feels their race pace is decent but being quick throughout the race will be important.

When asked about Red Bull’s race pace in the press conference, Verstappen said:

“Yeah, its alright. But I mean, we have to be quick also tomorrow and its going to be probably even warmer than today. So it will be even harder on the tyres. And to keep them alive is going to be key. I mean, you can have good start pace but its also about keeping them alive.”

The Dutchman was unhappy with his qualifying performance as his rival Charles Leclerc clinched pole position for the French GP. A clean start and tire management will be key to retaining and/or extending his lead in the championship.

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