We’ve got your Wrestlemania Night 1 preview

Sasha Banks (Smackdown Women’s Champion) vs. Bianca Belair


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Fels: Just plug it into my veins! If Rollins-Cesaro isn’t the peak of the night, this will be. Sasha hasn’t had a big singles match at Mania before, so you know she’s going to be in sixth or seventh gear for this. Bianca has “face of the company” written all over her, and whatever deficiency she might have in the ring simply due to a lack of experience — athletically there’s nothing she can’t do — Sasha will make up for.

I want to say this is Banks’s big moment, FINALLY, but they ran the NXT-star-comes-up-and-falls-just-short angle last year with Rhea Ripley and Charlotte. A Sasha win could set up a SummerSlam blowout with a returning Becky Lynch, and Bianca won’t be hurt by a brave defeat. Or an enraged Sasha on the chase could be another delicious angle for the summer. Maybe this is when Sasha’s crossover appeal, that started with The Mandalorian, explodes. Either way, we all win.

Fonseca: Objectively, this should be the main event of Night 1 and could wind up being the show stealer of the overall WrestleMania 37 two-day event. A feud initially built on admiration, respect, a championship opportunity, and making history morphed into something else once Sasha Banks (unsurprisingly) heel turned — at least temporarily — adding another jolt of anticipation into this match. Banks and Belair are two of the best wrestlers in the world right now, so going in either direction has a pathway to what could be a longstanding feud that carries through a chunk of 2021.

If Belair wins, which should probably be the odds-on favorite result, you have a new star to build the women’s division around on Smackdown, with the obvious need for revenge from Banks needed to drive this into a legitimate rivalry we see play out for multiple pay per views, probably culminating in SummerSlam if played correctly. If Banks wins, Belair could continue her pursuit and win the title afterward. Banks could settle into the heel role she’s extremely comfortable in once more. As Sam said, we’re good either way. This has five-star classic potential in both WrestleMania lore and the possible lengthy rivalry to follow.

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