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Giancarlo Stanton is one of the tallest players in Major League Baseball. He and teammate Aaron Judge make up one of the tallest duos in baseball. Most national broadcasts comment on Judge’s height since he’s nearly the tallest player in baseball.

Tall baseball players stand out because they’re not common. For example, the tallest baseball player is 6’11” and that would make him an average basketball center. There are NBA players well over 7’0″.


Stanton often gets overlooked because he, much like almost everyone else, stands shorter in comparison to his New York Yankees teammate. However, the former Miami Marlin is still very tall, standing 6’6″. He’s only an inch shorter than Judge, which puts him among the tallest of the tall in the baseball world.

Standing 6’6″ and weighing 245 pounds, the slugger is one of the most imposing figures on the diamond when he stands up to the plate.

How Giancarlo Stanton stacks up with other tall MLB players

While he is an incredibly tall man and one of baseball’s tallest, there are, surprisingly, quite a few players taller than Stanton. Here they are, in order of height:

  • Sam Hjelle, 6’11”
  • Tyler Glasnow, 6’8″
  • Brad Wieck, 6’8″
  • Aaron Judge, 6’7″
  • Adam Wainwright, 6’7″
  • Oneil Cruz, 6’7″
  • Miguel Castro, 6’7″
  • Trey Wingenter, 6’7″
  • Connor Sadzeck, 6’7″

Many other players stand the same height as the Yankees designated hitter, too.

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets

Baseball players are not known for being tall. Unlike in many other sports, it doesn’t often provide an advantage. This is especially true for hitters.

A hitter’s strike zone goes from their chest to their knees, so if players are very tall, then their strike zone is much bigger, forcing them to have to cover a lot more of the plate. In contrast, someone like Jose Altuve has to cover less, though it’s all relative.

Ken Rosenthal standing next to Giancarlo Stanton. He’s so tall Ken doesn’t even make the shot🤣

Additionally, being so tall can lead to having holes in a swing where they struggle to make contact. Fortunately for the position players listed in this article, some of them have honed their craft enough to be among the best hitters in baseball.

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